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Ice Cream Cone Machine

In the market, there are two ice cream cones: waffle cone and wafer cone, they are made by different machines. We can produce ice cream waffle cone machine and ice cream wafer cone maker.

Hommy's rolled sugar cone making machine is a great choice for those who want to make their own ice cream. The machine has been designed with the best quality of ingredients and it is easy for you to use. This machine is also very convenient for people who are looking forward to enjoying their favorite dessert. It is available in different sizes, shapes and colors.

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1. How many kind of Ice cream cone ? | 2.Hommy have sell out what kind of ice cream cone machine ? | 3.How to make wafer cone? | 4. FAQ

1.  How many kind of Ice cream cone ?

   ( 1 ) wafer cone

   ( 2 ) ice cream cone


2. Hommy have sell out what kind of ice cream cone machine ?

   Hommy can produce ice cream cone that is wafer cone and ice cream cone that use different Machine to made it .


3. How to make wafer cone?

Choose our ice cram cone machine, you can make different shape and size of wafer cone easily.

This machine can be easily to operated by any unskilled operators by performing a few simple tasks.



4. FAQ

1Can the machine make in 220v/60Hz, 3 phase?

---- Yes, its no problem to make it to work in 220v/60Hz, 3 phase.

2Can I customize the size and shape of the ice cream cone?

---- Yes, we accept customization on the size and shape, and mould cost will be required. 

Product Features

Semi-automatic ice cream cone machines are easy to operate and can produce cones and cups with a simple task. The machine is perfect for baking sugar cones and cups. The machine is easy to operate by any unskilled operator by performing a few simple tasks. The machine is perfect for any business or individual who wants to produce their own cones and cups.

Our ice cream cone machines features interchangeable upper and lower moulds, allowing for quick and easy changeover of designs. Additionally, many machines offer OEM capabilities, meaning that they can be custom-made to produce cones with specific logos or shapes. This allows for a high degree of flexibility and customization, making these machines ideal for businesses that want to offer a unique product.

Our ice cream cone machines feature electrical heating elements designed for both energy efficiency and optimal thermal distribution. Additionally, our machines are flexible enough for high-volume production on a 24-hour basis. As always, our cone moulds are made from durable, safe aluminum in accordance with sanitation standards.

The machine features an adjustable temperature and timer controls to help you create the perfect cone shape and hardness. The cone shape allows you to control the amount of ice cream you want, and the timer ensures that your cones are evenly cooked.

Product Specifications


Ice cream cone machine



Time to finish one batch

1-2 minutes


220V,50/60HZ,1ph or 380V,50/60HZ,3ph

One batch cone quantity


Hourly Output








What is the difference between waffle maker and waffle cone maker?

Waffle maker is a more common name, but it’s technically just a waffle iron, not a waffle maker. A waffle cone maker, however, is a machine that creates the cone.

What are ice cream wafer cones made of?

Ice cream wafer cones are made of a wafer coated in powdered sugar. Wafers are generally made of sugar, but are also made of other ingredients such as corn, wheat, or fruit. A wafer typically has several layers, or coatings, which come together to form a single cookie-like wafer. Cones are often shaped into a cone or a cone-like shape. These cones have no internal structure. Ice cream is normally poured inside of the cone while the cone is hot. Since cones have no internal structure, they need to be cooled before they can be eaten. This is why they are often compared to ice cream sandwiches or popsicles. A chocolate dipped cone can also be made with chocolate.

How do you keep ice cream cones crispy?

It's critical to understand how to store waffle cones since they sweat together and become mushy if kept heated. Allow the cones to come to room temperature before storing them. This is the only technique to assure that waffle cones retain their crispness and crunch even after many days.

Why do ice cream cones have squares at the bottom?

Regular Cone, often known as Wafer Wafer cones frequently feature a flat bottom, allowing you to place it down if necessary. Furthermore, because the bottom does not normally come to a point, there is no risk of a small hole in the bottom dripping melted ice cream onto you before you notice.

What's the difference between a waffle cone and a sugar cone?

Sugar cones, like waffle cones, are conical with a pointed tip. Sugar cones, unlike waffle cones, have a flat brim. Sugar cones go nicely with practically any ice cream and are ideal for slow eaters. They won't become soggy if your ice cream melts in hot weather since they're so crisp.

What's the difference between a cake cone and a sugar cone?

Cake Cones are lighter in weight than Sugar Cones and have a crisper, wafer feel. A Cake Cone has a milder flavor than a sugary Sugar Cone, and it has a flat bottom rather than a pointed bottom, making it simpler for youngsters to lay down their cone if necessary.

What is the flat ice cream cone called?

Flat ice cream cone is also called wafer cone. Because of their light and flaky texture and delicately sweet flavor, these are also known as wafer cones. Cake cones can be boring and cardboard-like in flavor, or they can be very rich. If the flavor of the cone is too strong, the flavor of the ice cream may be overpowering.

How long do ice cream cones last?

Storage Suggestions:Keep Ice Cream Cones in a cold, dry location. In general, they may be preserved for one to two years, but if left for too long, they can develop a rotten flavor.

Do ice cream cones have eggs?

Waffle cones are the most common type of cone prepared in-store. Flour, salt, eggs, sugar, butter, and milk are used to make these cones.

Why does ice cream taste better in a cone?

During licking, the tongue is coated with a thin coating of ice cream, which allows it to warm up faster, and the flavor is perceived by the wide surface area of taste buds on the tongue. In comparison, the spoon acts as insulation, keeping the sample cooler when placed in the mouth.

How much ice cream fits in a cake cone?

How much space does a cone have? It all depends on the cone—and the impulse to fill it full. Traditional Cake Cone Most people were content with one scoop of ice cream placed on top of the cone.

What are the different types of cones for ice cream?

Types of Ice Cream Cones Cake Cones:

Cake cones, also referred to as wafer cones, are light, flaky, and subtly sweet.

Waffle Cones

Sugar Cones

Pretzel Cones

Waffle Bowls

Chocolate Dipped Cones

Kid Cones

Twin Cones

What is a soft serve cone?

Soft serve ice cream is frequently served in cones or cups. The cup or cone is spun beneath the soft serve machine, resulting in an ice cream tower with a soft curl on top. Soft serve is also available with a range of toppings and dips, as well as in a number of flavors.

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