How long do you produce vending ice cream machine ? How many kind vending machine do you have ?
We produce ice cream machine about 20 years , from 2013 we begin to produce the first vending ice cream , when you come to our show room you can see this first machine , we still keep it . we have 4 kind of vending : stand Hm766 ,HM931, HM736 and table top HM116A , you can see our catalogue you can see more about it .
I see your company have produce sugacan juice machine with cooling system what is different with other sugcan juice machine ?
Our sugcan juice machine inside have cooling system that can keep the juice is cool without ice and can keep juice Original taste if more fresh , also this machine inside the role is very strong take out juice rate 85% .
How long has your company been established and how many employees?
Our company is 1999 and we have worker about 80pcs .
Your vending ice cream machine can work with our country money and Language?
Yes , we can use your country money , just now we use payment system made in UK or Taiwan two supplier . our machine have different language : Chinese , English , Arabic, Spanish, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai, Portuguese . if your lauguage not including inside , you can help us to made it , but you need to help us to translate that will ok that is free for you to add other language.
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