Slush Machine

A slush machine is a commercial drink machine that makes frozen slushies or slushy drinks. It usually has a single, double or three bowl(tank), and a beverage dispenser. Some slushie makers are designed for home use, while others are designed for commercial use. The best ice slush machine for your needs will depend on your budget and what features you’re looking for.

Hommy produces a number of different ice frozen beverage drink dispenser product series, including commercial slush machine & granita machine. Hommy’s slushy maker is commonly praised in the market due to good materials, fine workmanship, reliable quality, competitive price and favorable price. You can find high quality slushie machines for sale on our shop website. Order today!

Product Parameters


Slushy Machine



Main Power


Cooling Type


Refrigerant Type

134A or R404A

Number of Bowls

single, double, triple.

Suitable juice type

Apple, pineapple, orange, grape, pineapple, mango, papaya, sugarcane

Carbonated beverage

Coke,Pepsi,Lemonade,Dr. Pepper,Root beer,Fanta, sprite


Product Features

Each bowl features independent temperature control for durability and easy operation. Made with stainless steel, this unit is easy to maintain. With a working temperature of -1.1 to -2.0 degrees, it can cool in as little as 25-60 minutes. Additionally, the bowls are removable for easy cleaning. Each bowl has a capacity of 15 liters.

This horizontal stirring, energy-saving machine is powerful and efficient, with a removable drip tray for easy cleaning. You can choose to make slush or cool water.

The cover has a built-in LED light that automatically turns on when the cover is closed. This machine can dispense a variety of beverages such as granita drinks, frozen cocktails, fruit juices, smoothies, coffees, cappuccino, and tea slush. It can also be operated in chilled drink mode.


1.You use one slush machine to produce two kind of item . | 2.How long we need to clear slush machine one time . | 3.hommy factory produce slush machine for long time that get more certification . | 4. FAQ

1. You use one slush machine to produce two kind of item .

   Ice water and slush machine , we use different temperature to control it .


2. How long we need to clear slush machine one time .

   Clean the exterior of the machine every day, remove the tank of the machine every month, clean and add lubricating oil.


3. hommy factory produce slush machine for long time that get more certification .

   UL and CE certification .



4. FAQ

¡ê¡§1¡ê?What can the machine produce?

—- The machine can make ice drink and slushy, dispense a variety of beverage sush as granita drinks, frozen cocktails, fruit juices, frozen coffees, cappucino and tea slush beverage.

¡ê¡§2¡ê?Can the machine make carbonate drink?

—- Sorry, the slush machine can?¡¥t make carbonate drink.


Can Coca-Cola be used in a slushie machine?

YES! Coca-Cola can be used in a slushie machine. In order for Coca-Cola to be in a slushie machine, you must put 2 cups of Coca-Cola in a quart and a half of Sprite. Put the Sprite in the freezer for two hours. Then pour the Sprite into a can and put it in the slushie machine. It is that simple!

Coca-Cola is completely soluble in water and 99.9% of all carbonated beverages. Therefore, a slushie machine with Coca-Cola in it is essentially making a slushie with Coca-Cola.


How long does it take to make slushies in a slushie machine?

It should take about 45 minutes to 1 hours to make a slushie in a slushie machine. Mix the machine with water, sugar, and fruit. The slush will be produced quickly, as the mixture starts to freeze and the slush begins to form. The slush will expand to 3 gallons as the mix freezes and forms. It may take longer if alcohol is added.


How long can you keep a slushie?

If stored correctly, slushies can last 2-3 months. However, if left in the freezer for longer than a few hours, they can start to freeze solid because there is not enough alcohol in wine to prevent freezing.


What is the cost of a Slurpee machine?

The average cost of a Slurpee Machine ranges from $380 to $1,000. While you can find some Slurpee Machines that cost less than $200, the minimum price for a Slurpee Machine is around $45 while the maximum price for a Slurpee Machine can go as high as $1,000.

How much does it cost to rent a slush machine?

Depends on location, but slush machine renting can cost $130 a day, $900 a week, or $3900 a month.