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Slush ice machine

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These machines are manufactured using the finest quality raw materials in compliance with set industry standards. These Slushie Makers are widely used in Dairy Industry, food processing, juice and beverage, breweries, bakeries, ice cream, confectionary, bakery, ice cream and soft drink manufacturing industries. Slushie Maker can be easily operated with the help of a manual or an automatic mode. This machine is equipped with a container with an adjustable height to dispense the slush drink. Our offered range of Slushie Maker is used for both cold and hot drinks.


Product Features

1. Each bowl has independent control temperature .

2. Durable stainless steel shell

3. Simple to maintain & easy to operate.

4. Working temperature :-1.1to -2.0drgree.cooling time : 25-60 minutes

5. ABS bowl removable.each bowl capacity 15L

6. High-efficiency with horizontal stirring and energy saving with powerful cylinder

7. Removable drip tray:convenicent for cleaning

8. This machine can made slush and cool water to for you to choose .

9. the cover have led light , when you close the cover that will automatic open .

10. Dispense a variety of beverage such as granita drinks,frozen cocktails,fruit juices, smoothies,coffees, cappuccinoand tea slush ,beverages.May also be operated in chilled drink mode.


Product specification


Product Advantage

1. The cover have led light , when you close the cover of tank that will automatic open , we have add one sensor inside the bottom of cover .



2. The machine can made slush and cooling water for you to choose it . we use temperature to control it , the temperature sensor that is touch material . 

product-Hommy-HM123 slush ice machine-img

3. The machine middle add one leaking pan , when the tank leave cooling water , this pan and keep it Flow to waste pan . 


4. Each tank we use Individual temperature control, the machine intelligently automatically converts the current temperature of each tank .

product-HM123 slush ice machine-Hommy-img


What is snow slush?

Snow slush is a mix of water, snow, and ice. It is not like rain, which is water that falls from the sky and melts, becoming a puddle. Snow slush is a solid form of water, frozen into a solid, and it is solid because the water is frozen, and the water is frozen because the air temperature is below the freezing point. Snow slush occurs when snow melts in a cold, wet, environment.

How do you make an apple Slurpee?

First you start by making an apple pie, only instead of cinnamon you put apple juice in. Then you freeze it overnight and the next day you pour in some Coke or Sprite. (This step is optional.)I remember sitting in my room at the Slurpee Factory the night before my birthday. I was on my bed, covered in sticky apple pie batter and Coke syrup. My mother stood in the living room, pacing, in a T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Her hair looked the same as usual, and her fingernails were clean, but she seemed tense and uneasy. “You better be careful,” she kept saying, “there’s a lot of syrup out there.” The apple pie smell was strong, so strong I could smell it even in my room.

Can snow cone syrup be used for slushies?

Answer: Yes it can. And it tastes great too. This syrup comes from the sugar cane plant and is very popular in many parts of the world. One can buy sugar cane syrup in almost any grocery store or Asian grocery store. It's a natural source of the sugar. And it has a natural sweetness that makes slushies taste great!


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