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Fried ice cream machine

With the widely raw materials, this fried ice cream machine is worth expanding and application. Makes the ice cream roll machine more effective during the process of use. Hommy has a sound sales network and a very dynamic sales force.

Fry ice cream is a popular dessert in Southeast Asia that is made by frying a thin layer of ice cream. It is then rolled up and served with a variety of toppings. It originated in Thailand and is now popular in many other Southeast Asian countries. It is a refreshing and unique dessert that is perfect for hot summer days. It is also a fun activity to make with friends or family. It can add different flavors, fruits, candies and biscuits to make different products according to everyone's preference. The refrigeration speed of the Hommy fried ice cream maker is fast, the export time is fast, and the input cost is small, making it a cost-effective option for businesses.

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Product Features:

The pan is made of stainless steel and can use pure water, plus a prepared formula and fruit drinks, to create a variety of types of soft and hard ice cream, smoothies, Ice, ice mud, slush, snow ice, fruit ice, ice porridge, fruit, etc.

Product Description:

1. The high efficiency and low temperature effect are excellent and can withstand temperatures as low as -25°C.

2. The control system can be set to control the temperature within upper and lower limits from -19°C to -22°C according to the material being used.

3. The defrost function can be easily controlled by foot for the worker.

Operation Demonstration:

The operation is quite simple. To make fired ice cream, you can add different flavors and ingredients like sugar, cooking oil, fruit, etc. to achieve different tastes.

4 steps to make fried ice cream roll

1. Pick up flavor

2. Pour liquid ice cream into chilled stainless steel container

3. Cool and chop in the ingredients. Use a metal scraper to get it into waffe cone or paper cup.


Cool and chop in the ingredients. Use a metal scraper to roll the chilled cream into scrolls.

4. Only takes two minutes! And it's totally mesmerizing.

Product Parameters


Fried ice cream machine


Rolled ice cream


1 square pan + 9 barrels

Pan Diameter




Compressor Quantity







single pan, double pan, flat pan, round pan

How does a fried ice cream maker work and how to make rolled by using a fried ice cream machine?

Are you looking for a way to make rolled ice cream? If so, you'll need an ice cream roll machine. These machines can be found online or at our website. Here are four steps to make rolled ice cream using a machine:

1. Choose your ice cream flavor and toppings.

2. Place a scoop of ice cream onto the machine's cold plate.

3. Use the machine's scraper to spread the ice cream out into a thin layer.

4. Roll the ice cream up and enjoy!

Is thai rolled ice cream called stir fried ice cream?

Yes, thai rolled ice cream is also know as fried ice cream, ice cream rolls, rolled ice cream, stir fried ice cream and tawa ice cream.

What is the machine called to make ice cream rolls?

Fried ice cream machine or rolled ice cream maker.

What is the difference between fry ice cream and regular ice cream?

Fry ice cream is made by pouring a thin layer of liquid cream onto a freezing cold plate, and then using a spatula to scrape it into rolls. It is often made with fruit or other flavorings mixed in. Regular ice cream is made by churning a mixture of milk, cream, and sugar until it is thick and smooth. It can also be made with fruit or other flavorings mixed in.

Why does the ice cream in fried ice cream not melt?

There are a few reasons why the ice cream in fried ice cream does not melt. The first reason is that the ice cream is coated in a layer of batter which acts as a barrier and prevents the heat from reaching the ice cream. The second reason is that the ice cream is fried for such a short amount of time that there is not enough time for the heat to penetrate the ice cream and cause it to melt. Finally, the ice cream is served immediately after it is fried which also prevents the heat from melting the ice cream.

What is Thai rolled ice cream?

Rolled ice cream, also known as stir-fried ice cream, is a popular street food dessert in Thailand. It is made by pouring a thin layer of flavored ice cream onto a cold plate, then using a spatula to chop and roll the ice cream into small rolls. The finished product is often topped with fruits, nuts, or other toppings.

Is tawa rolled ice cream a fad?

Tawa rolled ice cream has its origins in Thailand, it has become popular because it is a unique and fun way to eat ice cream. The ice cream is also very refreshing, and the various toppings add an extra layer of flavor.

What do ice cream rolls taste like?

If you're wondering what rolled ice cream tastes like, the answer is simple: it tastes exactly like normal ice cream! The only difference is that it's been rolled up into cute little rolls, making it a fun and unique treat to enjoy. So if you're a fan of ice cream, you'll definitely enjoy rolled ice cream as well!

What is the price of rolled ice cream and rolled ice cream machine?

According to some information we collect online that rolled ice cream typically costs between 7-10 USD, while a rolled ice cream machine may cost anywhere from 732-1000 USD.

Is a Fry ice cream business profitable?

Yes. Ice cream is a staple product of any summer. Fry ice cream is a novelty product. It sells well.

What are the flavors of rolled ice cream?

Here is a list of some of the most popular ice cream flavors rolled in cones.





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