Ice Cream Machine

The Commercial Softy Ice Cream Machine Manufacturing Equipment (Automatic Ice Cream Machine & Ice Cream Maker Machine) series is widely praised by customers. Hommy carefully selects quality raw materials. Production quality of ice cream machine will be monitored by our team of experts. This enables us to produce commercial ice cream making equipment that is more efficient and effective. It has advantages in internal performance, price, and quality. Based on the advanced production equipment and modern management, Hommy can provide professional OEM/ODM services and competitive ice cream machine prices.

Hommy ice cream machine is designed to be more functional with different capacities. It has a strong cooling system. The machine is used to make two kinds of products: soft ice cream and frozen yogurt; It can be manufactured with the air or water system. It is distinguished by the pre-cooling system, air pump, mixer in hooper, and heat treatment. For 13 years, Hommy has been manufacturing ice cream machines with rich experience and expertise teams. We are a partner supplier for McDonald's & KFC.

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