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Hm-Sm-500 Flat Pan Street Roll Ice Cream Maker For Sale Price

Hm-Sm-500 Flat Pan Street Roll Ice Cream Maker For Sale Price

Hm-Sm-500 Flat Pan Street Roll Ice Cream Maker For Sale Price

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Rolled Ice Cream Maker

Rolled Ice Cream Maker|Product specification|Product Features|Product Description|Operation Demonstration


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Product specification:

Technical Parameters:


Product Features:

The pans is made of stainless steel, it can use pure water, plus a prepared formula and fruit drinks, you can create a variety of types of soft and hard ice cream, smoothies, Ice, ice mud, slush, snow ice, fruit ice, ice porridge, fruit, etc.

Product Description:

1.Highly-efficient & low-temperature effect is excellent that can pass temperature -25°C.

2. Humanized control system :base on your material to setup Temperature control of upper and lower limits from -19'C to -22C.

3. Defrost function by foot that is easy to controller for the worker .

Operation Demonstration:

Operation is very simply, you can do the DRY to made fired ice cream, you can add more different flavor and different material for exsample: sugar, cook,fruit and more, you can made different taste ice cream roller.



Document:product-HM-SM-500 Roll ice cream maker-Hommy-img16027293528800.pdf

Who owns Taylor freezer?

Taylor freezers are very good products, and they work very well. However, in recent years, there has been a number of issues with the internal electronics of the Taylor freezers that have caused them to fail. Taylor has recently taken measures to fix these issues, and the new freezers are no longer affected.

Why does rolled ice cream taste different?

My local ice cream shop has a new flavor they're advertising, "Buttermilk Rolled Ice Cream." It looks and sounds awesome, but when I try it, it's just a flavor of vanilla ice cream.

How does rolled ice cream maker work?

Rolled ice cream is formed in much the same way as a conventional ice cream machine, but in a very carefully designed container.In a traditional machine the ice cream is formed by freezing a quantity of cream (usually, from a cream separator, but it can also be from milk), then churning it until it becomes soft enough to scoop. In a rolled ice cream machine, on the other hand, the ice cream is formed by freezing the milk or cream in a pre-formed pan, then rolling out a slab of frozen ice cream. The ice cream is then scooped, and, once removed from the machine, rolled up onto a wheeled tray.

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