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Hot Sale Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Hot Sale Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine|Touch screen control|Functions|PRODUCT DETAILS

We have been serving the customers with our wide collection of frozen yogurt machines from all over the world. We can provide the customers with the required machines within the stipulated time. Moreover, we provide the customers with the machines in the market at the most competitive prices.

In addition to this, our professionals provide the customers with the after sale services.




Touch screen control


Microprocessor touch control system is embedded in durable tempered glass panel.
Temperatures in the hoppers or freezing cylinders may be displayed at any point of operation.
Provides required level of viscosity for servings.
Mix level indicator and alarm. When the mix out light flashes, the machine automatically shuts down to prevent damage.
Standby mode: During long no-use periods, the standby feature maintains safe product temperatures in the mix hopper and freezing cylinder.
Pressure protect function for the cooling system.
Durable construction with stainless steel cover makes a modern and luxurious outward appearance.

Pre-cooling system maintains mix below 5°C during auto & standby modes. Air-pump delivers the mix with certain amount of air to the freezing cylinders.
Mixer keeps mix uniformity in the hoppers. *Counter allows the operator to view number of servings dispensed.
Ultra-quiet 50-55decibel noise. 



After years of development, we have established a large-scale of net-distribution in various countries and receive good feedback from our customers.


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Oh, and, I also buy fat free cream cheese.

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How long does a soft serve machine last?

It is easy to tell if your soft serve machine is working properly. If the ice cream looks creamy, has a thick consistency, and flows freely from the dispenser, it is working properly. If the ice cream is hard, has a thin consistency, and does not flow freely from the dispenser, it is not working properly. It is also easy to tell if a soft serve machine is old or new. If the machine is older, it will probably be more difficult to clean and will not work as well.

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