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Pizza Vending Machine

Pizza vending machines are becoming more and more popular to respond to the market demand for more hot food vending machines. Hommy has developed different types of indoor and outdoor commercial pizza vending machines based on years of industry experience. Thanks to new technology, our machine has a unique and powerful refrigerated storage compartment and an efficient infrared oven. A hot fresh, crispy and delicious pizza, which can be processed in 3 minutes. The price depends on the model you want to buy.

Our factory is engaged in the production, processing, sales, transportation and distribution of pizza vending machine. Guided by the market, Hommy constantly strives to innovate. Our manufacturered automation pizza vending machine is reliable in quality, stable in performance, beautiful and practical in design. Contact to order now.

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  • The 32" screen is for promotional purposes, while the 10.5" screen is the primary screen.

  • Payment systems accept coins, bills, and credit cards.

  • The freezer can hold 88 pizza slices in a frozen state. It maintains a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius or below.

  • It was designed to hold 88 standard-size paper boxes.

  • This model features an advanced PC board with well-programmed functions and stable operation.

  • It's a cinch to keep track of your products using QR codes. We create a specific QR code for each product. The QR code contains the production date and expiration date of the product, so you can know where it is and when to use it. When you scan the QR code of a product, you will be able to see the product's origin and expiration date. When a product is about to expire, our system will scan the QR code that’s been stored on the product. The system will then notify the staff to change the product.

  • The freezer can be set to the right temperature to suit different products (or to suit the outside temperature), with an automatic defrosting system to stop it from becoming too hot or too cold in hot and cold weather while it works.

  • The infrared temperature of your oven would be between 60 and 300 degrees. Baking one hot fresh pizza typically takes 3 to 5 minutes.

  • The infrared house size is 400 X 400 X 300 mm, and the power is 3000 W.

  • It is equipped with an automatic power failure protection feature: once the power goes out, the machine will automatically switch to a backup battery that will keep the time and cycle information.

  • The language can be adjusted so that it is appropriate for the culture where you are living.

  • It has a new power-saving function.The machine adds the lunch and dinner time periods.You can set the oven timer to add time for lunch and dinner. From 80 to 100 degrees, it preheats in seconds while you prepare the food. It will automatically heat up when the customer pays.

  • A computerized remote management system for vending machines can save you labor costs by sending alerts about sales, shortages, and machine breakdowns. In addition, this system can add more user-friendly features to your machine to make it more convenient for your customers.

  • Inside the pizza oven, there is a programmed temperature range, so you can adjust the temperature to bake the perfect flavour pizza.

  • It can monitor the temperature of the freezer compartment throughout the day. If the temperature does not meet the set standard, it will automatically remind you in the app to ensure that the pizza will not spoil, so as to meet the product safety and hygiene standards.


Brand NameHommy
Place of OriginGuangdong, China
ColorCustomized Color Painting Sticker
Warranty1 Year
Payment SystemCoin, Bill Card, QC Code

Best Location

You can place the pizza vending macine in any locations with permission

You may need permission before placing your vending machine. State and local laws and regulations may apply. Before you set up your business, you will have to enter into a lease or other contractual agreement with the owner of the property where you intend to do business. It is advisable that you research your state and local vending laws before you make your final decision.

The followings are the best profit places to put the machine. With permission you can put it anywhere.

Schools, Community Colleges and Universities

  • Airports

  • Stadiums, Gyms, fitness centers

  • Office Buildings

  • Movie Theatres

  • Hospitals

  • Night Clubs

  • Apartments and condos

  • Bars

  • Indoor or outdoor shopping malls

  • Retail Markets

  • Chain Shop

  • 24-Hour Convenience Stores

  • Transit Stations, Bus Stops

  • Food Courts

  • Restaurants

  • Gas Station

  • Canteen, Dining room

  • Hotels, Motels, and lodging areas

  • Manufacturing, Distribution Facilities

  • Offices, Workplace Break Rooms

  • Nursing Homes, Care Facilities

  • Amusement parks or festivals

  • Entryways and Exits

  • Snack, break areas, Waiting areas

  • Parks

  • Museums

  • Beaches or Resorts

  • Amusement Parks

  • Government Offices

  • Golf Course Lounge

  • Bakeries

  • Auto Shops, Car Dealerships

How to Choose a Profitable Location

You may have some vending machine locations that are making money while others are losing money. Before you put up your next vending machine, make sure that it is profitable. There are a number of things you need to consider before you choose a location for a vending machine.

Location Factors

The first thing you need to consider is the location. While there are no hard and fast rules, it is a good idea to keep the following factors in mind when choosing a location.

  • Location Size

  • Location Traffic

  • Location Competition

  • Location Cost

  • Location Accessibility

  • Location advantage

  • Your Target Market

  • Your Budget


If you are a beverage, food vending machine franchise or restaurant chain franchisee, an automated fresh pizza vending machine would be profitable for your business. As a direct manufacturer, we can also supply OEM and ODM services.

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