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Ice Block Machine

In African countries and surrounding countries, they need large quantities of ice for food preservation and other purposes. The commercial ice block machine requires less input and less work, which helps save labor costs. It has a fast return profit time and is a good business item for these countries.

As one of Hommy's multiple product series, ice block maker series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. Good materials, advanced production technology, and fine manufacturing techniques are used in the production of ice block making machine. It is of fine workmanship and good price and is well sold in the domestic market. If you are interested, please leave your contact information on our website.

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1.How many capacity popsicle do you made it ? | 2. Hommy company made Ice block Machine different with other supplier . | 3. Should the ice cube machine be air-cooled or water-cooled? The difference between them. | 4. FAQ

1. How many capacity popsicle do you made it ?

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2.  Hommy company made Ice block Machine different with other supplier .

 (1 )  Hommy ice block machine inside the tank choose the material is 304 stainless steel .

 ( 2 ) the machine use all the screw that is 304 stainless steel

( 3 ) The machine inside the cooling system is very strong , especially the machine exhaust is increased, so that the machine can finish every ice about 4 hours -8 hours base on your mould different capacity .  


3.  Should the ice cube machine be air-cooled or water-cooled? The difference between them.

The machine can be made in air cooling or water cooling system. For the regions that the temperature is high, its better to use water cooled ice block machine since it will slow down the rate at which the air cooled machine can produce ice block if the ambient temperature is high.


Whats the difference between air-cooled and water-cooled ice block machine? Air-cooled ice machines are more popular than water-cooled ice machines because they are cheaper to operate in most places.They are also more energy efficient than water coolers and therefore better for the environment. If the machine work with water cooling system, It will need to install pump and cooling tower together.


4. FAQ

1How long is the freezing time?

---- Our ice block machine has strong cooling system, Freezing time normally is about 4 hours for each lot of production.

2Whats your guarantee on the machine?

---- We offer one year guarantee for the cooling system. You can order the spare part from us if needed, and we are always on line for help if you need any information from us. 

Product Features

It is a beautiful and elegant machine, suitable for indoor , hotel and restaurant. It has the advantages of simple operation, high product quality, energy saving, low noise, and long service life. The ice block maker is often used in hotels and clubs, its ice sphere type, cooling effect is good, high ice machine efficiency, convenient operation.

It can automatically cool down the working temperature by circulating the water or ice for a preset time.

It works with water cooling system, will need install pump and cooling tower together.

Product specifications

Product Name

Ice block makers



Compressor power


Compressor quantity


Blender Motor


Daily Output


Ice block mould size


Mould Quantity



1 Year

How much does a ice block machine cost?

We found through a web search, a new block machine will cost from $6,000 up to $15,000.

How long do ice blocks last?

Ice blocks can last 1 to 2 days in the freezer. Smaller styrofoam coolers have limited ice storage and are poorly insulated. Larger versions, on the other hand, can hold more ice and preserve it for more than a day, especially if kept in the shade.

How profitable is ice block business?

Water is a fairly cheap raw material, and you can make more money by making water into ice cubes. So ice block businesses can be extremely profitable due to the large volume of sales. Such businesses can also be relatively stable and have low overhead costs. However, the high level of competition from supermarkets, supermarkets selling frozen foods, and grocery stores selling loose ice is also a source of great profitability for such businesses.

What are ice blocks used for?

Ice blocks are an ideal way to preserve food and beverages when refrigeration space is limited or not available.

How do I start an ice block business?

In order to get funding for your business, you will need to develop a comprehensive business plan. This plan should outline your business goals, as well as your strategies for achieving them. Additionally, your business plan should include a feasibility study to ensure that your ICE BLOCK business is viable.

Once you have developed your business plan, you will need to find the ideal location for your business. This location should have high foot traffic and be visible to potential customers. Additionally, the location should have adequate space to store your materials and equipment.

After you have secured a location, you will need to purchase the necessary materials for your business. This includes ice maker, freezers, and storage containers. Additionally, you will need to purchase packaging and advertising materials.

Once you have all of the necessary materials, you can begin advertising your business. You can do this by distributing flyers and posters in your local area. Additionally, you can create an online landing page for the business. Create a brand, logo, and branding guidelines. Create an Instagram account for the ice block business.

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