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Commercial Smoothie Vending Machine For Sale

Hommy commercial smoothie vending machines provide a convenient, delicious, and healthy smoothie option for our customers' clientele. We offer a variety of models and sizes to meet the unique needs of different buyers.

HM-160A - Vending smoothie machine model

With a freezer to keep the cups of frozen fruits/ ingredients and a blender machine to make smoothie. The vending smoothie machine can accept cash or cashless payment.  Unmanned smoothie vending machine no need any personnel to sell smoothie, suitable to run the smoothie business in the universities, shopping mall, playground, air port, gas station, street.

HM-160D - Stand-alone floor style

Our stand-alone smoothie machine has 4 universal wheels and leveling feet that allow to move easily. For the convenient stores or owners that already have the snack and drink / combo vending machine and want to increase the business opportunity, it is a good choice to put the stand-alone smoothie machine on the side of the snack and drink vending machine to sell smoothie.

HM-160E - Table top style (need to connect external water tank)

Automatic smoothie machine is designed in table top style with compact size, suitable to use in fruit shops, 24/h convenient stores, gas stations, restaurants, spa, etc... that may have only a small space to put the machine.

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Self-serve vending machine, easily provide the smoothie from frozen real fruit.

Automatic mix different fruits in cup and add 100ML-300ML water/ milk to automatic blend it in about 40 seconds.

Touch screen

1)25'' touch screen for advertisement and operation, management of fruit flavor photo, price, etc.

2)13.3”Touch screen display controller with Android system inside the blender machine for management of blending data:

water/milk flowing volume; cleaning water consumption volume;  blending speed/blending time.


1.The machine install scanner for QR code . the QR code represents manufacturer.

2.The 13.3” Screen will count and display the total amount scanning QTY.

QR Code 

Each cup we will stick one QR code that is representative , you can write this cup special:

1.The filling amount of water 

2.Motor speed 

3.Blending time

4.The water volume for cleaning

Cup Size

14 OZ PET food grade cup(95x57x107mm) and 16 OZ PET food grade cup(95x63x122mm),  choose one of them.


Remote monitoring and management, allow you to manage the sales data.

Cleaning Automatically

After each cup it blends , the machine does automatic cleaning and wait for next order.

Machine Operation Demonstrate

1.Generate the QR code in website and print the QR code sticker.

2.Put the fruit blocks into the 16oz cups and stick the QR code sticker outside the cup.

3.Store the cups into the refrigerator between -10°C to -18°C

4.Choose flavor from touch screen, pay by cash or cashless. 

5.Machine delivers a cup of fruits, customer take the cup from pick-up window

6.Scan the QR code on machine then the door of blending area will open automatically.

5.Customer put the cup in the holder under the blend blade.

6.The machine door close automatically.

7.Customer option fruit type in screen.

8.Smoothie finished and enjoy it!

9. Machine clean blades with water automatically.

Automatic Sterilization

Use ultraviolet irradiation to kill bacteria and viruses in the machine.

Personalized Design

Patterns can be designed according to customer requirements, and OEM can be done at the same time.


We offer both OEM and ODM services. We welcome distributors and franchisees to purchase our products, our products will meet your business needs and fuel your growth.

Contact Hommy today to learn more about our products price and detail!

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