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Hot And Frozen Food Vending Machine

Start your hot and frozen food vending business today!  Hommy hot and frozen food vending machine for sale, It is suitable for hamburger,bread,cake,sandwich,sealed meal,rice,noodle and fresh-keeping heated food.For its low maintenance cost and low labour cost and automatic functions, Hot food vending machines definitely offer a good opportunity for those who want to start the small business but don’t want to put much money for decoration of the food shop or canteen, as well as for rising labor costs and rents. Hommy hot food vending machine can be customized to cater to the market demand. Flexible, reliable and responsible, Hommy is the best partner to expand your vending business. It is popular now, contact us for price.
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Product specifications


Hot and frozen food vending machine



Suitable For

hamburger,bread,cake,sandwich,sealed meal,rice,noodle,fresh-keeping heated food


Wheel-mounted floor


21.5 Inch touch screen for promotion and operation


Freezer,Microwave heating

Working Principle

Flat push out the warehouse and X, Y axis up and down delivery

Box Size

130X130X70mm, 3 pcs lanes per layer X 3 boxes/cargo lane X 8 layers=72 pcs

Product Features

For advertising and operation, a 21.5-inch touch screen is used. System for managing cloud platforms.

Visual product display. The door is constructed with two layers of totally sealed visible glass on the inside and an outside layer of glass film with an automated defrosting feature.

Payment system: bill, coin and coin exchange, credit card interface

The machine can store 72 packed meals. Sealed meal size: 8" (L)x5 1/8" (W)*1 3/8" (H).

Keep the package quantity based on your size in mind.

There are 1-27 different varieties of food available for purchase, and the price and cooking time for each item may be selected independently.

The storage chamber's temperature varies from 0°C to 4°C. It may be adjusted based on a variety of factors.

Temperature range: 60°C to 90°C. It takes 45 seconds to bake one sealed meal (fresh, never frozen). The heating time may be changed according to the materials.

Patented commercial microwave oven as a heating technique (microwave oven power :3000W )

Push rod delivery time: 60 to 90 seconds The pace will vary depending on the number of layers of pallets.

Material for machine body: complete machine foaming molding, excellent thermal insulation.

Compressor: 550W, Embraco brand, refrigerant 134A

Product Advantages

Intelligent manipulator output XY axis and elevator delivery

Larger capacity of about 72pcs: 3 lanes per layer X 3 boxes/cargo lane X 8 layers=72

The payment system accepts the following methods of payment: coin, bill, exchange coin, and credit card interface.

Remote management solution for computers: inquiry sales information, shortage reminders, machine failure reminders.

Are hot and frozen food vending machines profitable?

They are profitable. The kiosk business is booming. Hot and frozen food vending machines are particularly popular in airports because of the fast pace and the need for convenience. Also, this product appeals to students on college campuses and workers away from home.

What foods are in a hot and frozen food vending machine?

Our hot and frozen food vending machines can sell hamburger,bread,cake,sandwich,sealed meal,rice,noodle,fresh-keeping heated food and other food. They are used in food service establishments and public places such as hotels, hospitals, schools, airports, and more. They offer convenience, easy operation, and they are a welcome amenity for visitors.

How do hot and frozen food vending machine work?

The hot and frozen food vending machine cooks and delivers various pre-packaged food items, such as hamburger,bread,cake,sandwich,sealed meal,rice,noodle, fresh-keeping heated food, etc. that were previously frozen or refrigerated. This allows users of the machine to purchase food without having to cook it themselves. It can also serve refrigerated food directly, which customers can take home and cook for themselves.

How much electricity does a vending machine use a day?

A vending machine uses approximately 6-7 degrees of electricity per day.

What is the average heat time for a hot and frozen food vending machine?

On average, it takes a vending machine 20-45 seconds to heat up food.

What is the temperature range for stocks in hot and frozen food vending machine?

The temperature range for stocks in hot and frozen food vending machine is 0 - 4 degrees. This allows the machine to keep both hot and cold food items at a safe temperature for consumption.

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