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Hard Ice Cream Machine

A hard ice cream machine is a type of commercial freezer used to make ice cream, gelato, and other frozen desserts. Also known as a batch freezer, this type of machine can rapidly freeze large quantities of ice cream mix, resulting in a smooth, creamy product. Hard ice cream machines are an essential piece of equipment for any ice cream shop or gelato bar.

When it comes to hard ice cream machines, the Hommy hard ice cream machine is a top choice for many people. It offers a variety of options and features that make it easy to use, and it is also affordable and available in different sizes and shapes. So whether you're looking for a machine for your business, the Hommy hard ice cream machine is a great option to consider.

In the market, there are two kinds of ice cream shown in the display showcase: one hard ice cream comes from the USA, another gelato from Italy. Hommy hard ice cream machine can make the controlled air come into the machine. Equipment related to hard ice cream machines is the pasteurizing machine, the gelato deep freezers, batch freezers, and the Gelato batch freezers. Hommy also has a complete hard ice cream line available.

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1.Whats the difference between hard ice cream and gelato? | 2.Hard ice cream machine can produce what kind of goods | 3.If the client want to open ice cream shop who need to what kind of equipment. | 4.FAQ

1. What’s the difference between hard ice cream and gelato?

Ice cream and ice cream are popular frozen desserts.Ice cream is sweeter and higher in fat than gelato, while hard ice cream is softer and with stronger flavor. Both contain a lot of sugar, but traditionally gelato has much less fat. Both can be part of a healthy diet if eaten occasionally and in moderation


2. Hard ice cream machine can produce what kind of goods

(1) hard ice cream

(2) Gelato

(3) Popsicle sticker

(4) One shot capsule

(5) Ice cream cake


3.If the client want to open ice cream shop who need to what kind of equipment.

(1) pasteurizing machine

(2) Hard ice cream machine

(3) Display showcase

(4) Freezer



1How many liters of ice cream does the machine produce?

---- We have different machine with different production capacity for you too choose.

2How long will it take to produce the ice cream?

---- The production time is adjustable according to different materials, normally it takes about 45 minute for each lot of production. 

Product specifications


Hard ice cream machine, batch freezer


Air or water

Hourly production


Standing Way

Table top or vertical

Main Power


Rate Power


Tank Capacity



R22 or R404A

Outlet Material

Stainless steel

Product Features

Tecumseh compressors are designed to operate under constant conditions. Electromotors with a power rating of up to 5000W provide the power needed for these compressors.

The new double grooved pulley design provides consistent rotation with reduced noise and vibration. Additionally, the belt has a 75% longer operating life than the previous type, resulting in more consistent ice cream machine operation than the national standard.

Apply the most recent research findings to increase the thickness of the foam layer, give greater insulation and save more energy, retain the ice cream at a certain temperature, and maintain the original flavor.

The use of a copper evaporator increases heat transmission and efficiency. Large fan blades reduce noise while providing enough air volume. The most recent operating system provides an overview of the machine's operation.

What makes ice cream hard?

The formation of large ice crystals can make ice cream too hard when frozen. Churning the ice cream more quickly will add more air to it, preventing it from freezing as hard.

How much is an hard ice cream machine?

Found through a web search, the hard ice cream machine will cost between $600 and $1600. This price will depend on the brand, size, and features of the machine. Some machines may be able to produce more ice cream than others, so it is important to compare models before making a purchase. Be sure to factor in the cost of ingredients and other supplies when budgeting for an ice cream machine.

What is batch freezer?

A batch freezer is a type of freezer used to produce large quantities of frozen treats such as ice cream, gelato, Italian ice, sherbet, and sorbet.

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