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French Fries Vending Machine is a vending machine that sells hot French fries.

This is afullyautomatic prototype vending machine that can cook frozen potato fries by frying. The final product can be topped with mayonnaise, ketchup or curry. And this process takes about two minutes from start to finish. At the end of this process, the product is packed in a paper cup. Because the potato fries are stored in the in a frozen state at a temperature of -18 °C (0 °F) and cooked in oil at 180 °C (356 °F).

This French fries vending machine uses a specially designed dispenser to prevent potatoes from being crushed or broken.

The French Fries Vending Machine forsalein the video mainly uses the touch screen to place orders, and the box is provided with fork and salt separately in the machine. If you want to know the machine price for your order, visit contact us page.

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With new technology and science, we developed the french fries vending machine.

The french fries vending equipment allows you to select your favorite french fries from the choices and it will sell you your french fries. The machine is designed to be used in restaurants and other food service establishments. It can load many potatos at once, It is very easily to operate, with long life and easy maintenance. The machine can dispense a large variety of french fries of your clients choosing.

You can also customize your fries, just like the real french fry in restaurant. Our qualitied machine will satisfy all your customers and visitors, and even be agreatdecoration to your business. All of our machines are ready to be installed in any place where you need it.

Product Features

  • This new type of vending machine has a large display screen and a heating plate.

  • It uses an automatic control system to ensure that the food is cooked evenly.

  • It can be used as a restaurant, convenience store, supermarket, etc.

  • Can use vegetable oil or beef fats.

  • Store up to 3 liters of oil in the heated bowl.

  • The fired bowl keeps the temperature at - 18°C--10°c.

  • You can choose your favorite fries flavor.

  • It holds up to 50kg portions(12 bags portions). 

  • It uses no oil-smoking fumes filtration connector.

  • It can be kept indoor or outdoor.If you want to be outdoors, you need to add a roof. 

  • It has a built-in payment system and equipped with a MDB interface.

  • This machine have the network remote function , meet your business need . You can see every day sell report also the machine have reminder function, every 400 portions or machine work 4 day, it need to be change the oil, it is easy to operate for these remote control.

  • You need to clean the fryer every 16 days by taking it out.

  • This French fry vending machine is equipped with a 24-hour temperature monitor. If the refrigerator temperature exceeds 0 degrees Celsius for more than two hours, the machine will notify the operator. When in use, average power is 1000W.

  • machine size: 1300mm x 1000mm x 2000mm


Vending Machine NameFrench fries vending machine
FeatureWheel-mounted floor
Advertisement27 inch screen for promotion and operation
FunctionFreezer, fryer, packing, pick up
AutomationFull Automatic
Product offeringFrench fries

How does french fries vending machine work?

The fully automatic French Fries Vending Machine is a vending machine that automatically cooks French fries. It accepts coins,paper bill, money ,coin , exchange coin ,credit card only MDB interface. System dispenses the fries, and cooks the fries in under several minutes from prepared raw material. Finally the fries will will be ready packaged in cup and customers can take it.

American French fries VS English Chips

French fries in the United States are a whole different story than French fries in the United Kingdom. In the U.S., the crispy fried potato (otherwise known as potato fries) can be anything from thin to thick, and can be served plain or topped with anything from gravy to cheese to bacon. In England, the French fries (or chips) are thick and heavily salted. The chips are generally served either as a standalone snack or with fish, and eaten with the right hand (your right hand in England).American foods are often higher in fat and calories, while British foods are higher in fiber, minerals, and vitamins.In fact, while Americans eat almost half a kilogram of French fries per person per year, Britons only eat about 7 grams (or 1/4 pound).

Is selling french fries a profitable business using vending machines?

Now is the perfect time to start your french fry robot vending business. 

The French fry sector has evolved to be quite profitable. Even though French fries are not the healthiest cuisine, they may be highly profitable if done correctly. The French fry business is expanding, as is great demand for french fries. Because potatoes are so inexpensive all around the world, the production of fries may readily be increased with little expenditure. The French fries future market is mostly lucrative due to its cheap procurement costs.

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