PA-C8 French fries Vending Machine

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Fries vending machine

Fries vending machine|Product Features|Product specification|Product Advantage


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Product Features

1: the 42" advertising screen in front of the machine 

2: Frying time: 90-145 Seconds adjustable

3: Frying temperature: 175-185.

4: keep french fried store keep the temperature : -7℃–0℃ . 

5: Machine can use vegetable oil or beef fat, fired bowl keep 5.6L oil .
6: Frozen fries stock: 25kg, about 110 portions (6 bags )

7: the machine can keep indoor or outdoor ,outdoor need to add roof .

8: No oil-smoking, odor free
9: Connector with payment system: paper bill ,coin , exchange coin ,credit card only MDB interface.

10:Every 16 days, you need take out the fryer and bring it to clear .

11.The machine have remote function , you can see every day sell report also the machine have reminder function .  

12. every 400 portions or machine work 4 day, it need to be change the oil.

13: that machine inside have 3 kind of juice box for you to choose .

14:Fire Prevention and food safety

A: there are 2 sensors in oil to detect oil temperature. During detection, they will compare each other, any sensor find temperature too high, machine will stop.

B:one the back side of fryer, there are 2 over heating sensors.

C: machine fryer is completely sealed, even if oil burnt, it is only inside fryer, fire will never go out to cause damage.

15:The machine has food safety control function :

The machine has a reminder function, we regularly remind the staff to change the oil regularly to achieve food safety issues

A: machine can calculate oil heating time, after 48 hours, machine will inform operator to replace oil by SMS, if operator don’t replace oil on time, machine will stop automatically.

B: if machine find refrigerator temperature stay above 0 Celsius over 2 hours, machine will inform operator.

16: Power: 2800W when fryer is on. Average power is 1000W.

17:Size:1050mm * 833mm * 1998mm


Product specification


Product Advantage

1. The machine inside have 3 kind of juice for you to choose , the juice box you can put any flavour base on your market .  


2.  The quantitative dispenser system in the machine is driven by rod to ensure that the aliquots are similar each time.

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3. The payment system can accept : coin ,bill ,Exchang coin , credit card interface .


4. Computer remote management system: query sales details, shortage reminders, machine failure reminding.

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