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Ice Cream Model

If you want the products you make to attract others to buy, the standing ice cream point-of-sale display model plays an important role in helping you attract more customers. So different products have different shapes and patterns. At the same time, the ice cream can be made by a soft ice cream model and a hard ice cream mold.

Located in No.36-1 Industry Road, Huicheng Town,XinHui Area,jiangmen city,Guangdong, China. xinhui jiangmen guangdong, Hommy is a Manufacturing promotional ice cream Waffle cone replica fake 3d model company. The main business is focused on the production, processing, distribution and service of plastic giant large huge ice cream cone ad model. Hommy provides diversified choices for customers. ice cream model is available in a wide range of types and styles, in good quality and in reasonable price. Based on the advanced production equipment and modern management, Hommy can provide professional OEM/ODM services.

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1.Ice cream mould choose what kind of material. | 2. What role does an Ice cream mould play in the sales of ice cream? | 3. We are welcome to do OEM . | 4. FAQ

1. Ice cream mould choose what kind of material.

   Ice cream mould is made of high quality fiber glass, which is not easy to deformation and long service life.


2.  What role does an Ice cream mould play in the sales of ice cream?

  The tall appearance attracts customers' curiosity, which can increase the sales of ice cream.


3.  We are welcome to do OEM .

  We can customize the ice cream mould to follow clients design, and mould cost is required.


4. FAQ

1What is the cost for customization of ice cream mould?

---- The cost for customization of ice cream mould will be different based on size and shape. We need to check according to the design.

2Is the ice cream mould safe to use?

---- The ice cream mould is made to stand stable and we can add cement at the base to strengthen. 

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