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Vending Machine

At present, vending machine has been accepted by more and more people. Vending machine is more humanized, can reduce more labor costs. Its position can also be changed at will, which can help investors of vending machines to maximize profits.

Hommy vending machines are including these series:ice cream, ice cream robot, frozen yogurt, milkshake, popcorn, pizza, French Fries, Hamburgers, hot and frozen food and more.

Vending machine for sale manufacturing equipment products are well received by customers. Hommy focuses on customers' needs. We strictly control our machines and equipment. Our staff are trained to work with a high degree of professionalism. All these vending machines are fully functional, so that we can easily provide the best service. Hommy takes the customer as the center and strives to provide high quality service for customers. Contact us for price list. The vending machine company has a number of professional technical team, with strong R & D and production capacity. We can provide suitable solutions according to the needs of different customers, and provide professional and efficient OEM / ODM services.

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Type of Vending machine | Vending machine Benefit | Hommy OEM & ODM Capacity | FAQ

Type of Vending machine

Hommy Enterprise (Xinhui) Co., LTD. is a professional high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing all kinds of vending machines, including vending ice cream machine, vending frozen Yogurt machine, vending milkshake machine, vending smoothie machine, vending pizza / hamburgers machine, vending popcorn machinevending french fries machine.


Vending machine Benefit

At present, the commercial vending machine has been accepted by an increasing number of people. It is more humanized and can reduce more labor costs. Its location also can be changed at will to maximize profits


Hommy OEM & ODM Capacity

Hommy has strong and professional team to service for the client , there are 4 structural engineers, 2 electronic engineers, 2 software engineers, 1 programmer, and 1 refrigeration engineer. Moreover, our boss Mr. Daniel Lai is a structural engineer has 20 years of working experience in this type of refrigeration products. We provide OEM & ODM service, as long as customer gives us his needs or ideas, our technical team can design products suitable for customers’ requirements according to their needs.



(1) To add Credit Card Reader Services do you need any info from us?

---- If we help you to buy the credit card in china , we can help you to handle all , when you get the machine , the credit card supplier who have agent in your market  who will help you to handle all open the account like this . if you will install credit card in your country  , the machine inside we use the system is MDB that is International agreement, you can ask the credit card supplier to install for you . if you have any question please contact with us .

(2) We want more info about the guarantee and the way you can fix it if something broken?

---- Hommy automatic vending machine have 18 months guarantee , when the ice cream vending machine have any question we also can check it in the background that will give us some information , we from this message , we know what is question , we will send the part for you to change it .


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