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Ice Cream Vending Machine

Hommy ice cream vending machine will attract consumers not only because of its exquisite shape and strong impression, but also because it can bring a surprising consumption experience to customers.

In terms of products, automatic feeding is accurate, making ice cream of various colors, flavors, and accessories is easy, and the taste is also accurate to the best. In terms of interactive experiences, it combines the self-service consumption mode and continuously develops artificial intelligence technology to provide a diversified interactive service experience.

Hommy excellent R & D department, skillful technicians, and high-standard quality examination team ensure that all of our products are of top quality standards. With modern artificial intelligence technology and advanced refrigeration technology, the Hommy new Ice Cream Vending Machine for sale offers intelligent, reliable, and long-term service. A variety of commercial ice cream vending machines can meet your request for any kind of ice cream business. Our ice cream vending equipment allows you to serve a wide variety of flavours of ice cream and frozen yogurt and manage the ice cream business in a low-labour-cost, low-maintenance, and highly efficient mode. You can contact us for more product details or price.

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The machine is equipped with a 27-inch screen that allows the buyer to see how it operates.

This ice cream vending machine has an Android tablet-like controller with a 10.1-inch touch screen. You can check the machine's state (hopper and cylinder tempera, rationed setting, production process, error, material level alert, price), sales volume, and dispensing control. You can also adjust the machine settings for intelligent operation.

It features a pre-cooling system that keeps the mix below 5°C, an alert function that sends an alert to a mobile phone, and more functions that can help you save on artificial costs.

It features an air-pump that delivers the mix with a certain amount of air to the freezing cylinders. The mixer keeps the mix uniform in the hoppers. Heat-treatment provides a daily cleaning routine to maintain the product according to quality and safety standards for up to two weeks.


It goes through a production defrosting process to rapidly melt the product in both cylinders. This allows for less product to be left behind when cleaning.


special function that makes the sanitising process semi-automatic and easy.

No disassembling the machine to clean the throat block unit, air-pump unit, beater and cylinder. The Counter allows the operator to view the number of servings dispensed.


Machine TypeHot sale ice cream vending machine
AutomationFull automatic
Product offering2 Flavour + 1 mix soft ice cream or frozen yogurt
Ingredients3 Topping, 3 sauce
Cooling TypeAir colled
Cup Volumn300 cups
Electricity consumption6 to 7 degrees a day
Payment SystemAccept coin,cash,credit card,cashless,QR code



If the Frozen snack food vending machine doesn't sell all of its ice cream within an hour, the cylinder will become blocked. The system is set up for automatic defrosting, so the machine can still operate and defrost the ice, making good quality ice cream or frozen yoghurt.

Air pump

The air pump regulates the amount of air that is mixed into the frozen yogurt mixture, which in turn affects the overrun. By adjusting the overrun from 20% to 80%, you can reduce the amount of ice crystals that form, making the frozen yogurt taste smoother and whiter. This also reduces the amount of raw material needed, which can increase profits.


If you are selling out ice cream at night, the automatic pasteurization system can disinfect the loading cylinder and raw material inside from -5°C to 65°C, and then refrigerate to booking status. As a result, you can keep the machine running safely.

Leave sensor

There are two stages to the "Leave Sensor" function: the first stage is the missing material level alarm, and the second stage is the automatic machine shutdown. When you receive the first message, you still have some time to add material; there's no need to stop the machine immediately.

Promotion function

We know that you want to be the king of ice cream, but how to attract customers? Give away a free scoop of ice cream? or give away two free scoops of ice cream? No, it's a little bit old-fashioned, isn’t it? Now, you can use the promotion function to offer the second ice cream at half price, that will definitely attract more customers to your shop, and you can set up any time from day to time, so that you can get a big sale at the critical time.

Different Languages

The machine can be used in different countries with different languages: Chinese, English, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, Poland and Saudi Arabia.

Are ice cream vending machines profitable?

Vending machines that sell ice cream can be quite profitable. This is because ice cream is now a very popular product. So, if you are thinking about getting into the vending machine business, then selling ice cream is a great option.

How does Hommy ice cream vending machine work?

The machine will dispense ice cream to the customer once payment is made via cash, coin, credit card or QR code.

How do Hommy make a ice cream vending machine?

Our professional team designs everything about the machine, buys the materials, then the workers assemble the machine and finally run the test.

How long does it take to make ice cream in a commercial vending machine?

It takes about several minutes.

What is the most profitable vending machine?

Top 4 Most Profitable Vending Machines

  • Cold Food

  • Branded Sodas

  • Snack food

  • Ice

Hommy ice cream vending machine is a cold snack food vending machine, so it remains most popular among vending machines.

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