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 2 flavour Vending ice cream machine

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This high-quality Milk Shake Vending Machine is known for its robust construction, easy operation, durability and longer life.

Our company is highly dedicated towards offering the best in class services. These machines are manufactured with the help of modern tools and technology using the finest quality raw materials. Our machines are available in various sizes and designs to meet the requirements of our clients.


Hommy’s plant is covering an area of 30500 square meters in Xinhui Jiangmen city, comprising flexible production lines, R&D laboratory, learning center and workshop equipped with cutting-edge equipment.



2 flavour Vending ice cream machine


10.1 inch touch screen tablet-like controller with Android system
Machine states(hopper and cylinder tempera ,rationed setting,production process,error , Material level alert,Price)
Data checking(sales volume)
Dispensing controlling
Machine settings
Intelligent operation
Function send to mobile phone alert
The machine inside have more function , that can help you to save more Artificial cost :
Pre-cooling system maintains mix below 5℃ during auto & standby modes.
Air-pump delivers the mix with certain amount of air to the freezing cylinders.
Mixer keeps mix uniformity in the hoppers.
Heat-treatment provides a daily cleaning routine to maintains product according to quality and safety standards up to two weeks before complete cleaning with disassembly.

Production defrosting rapidly melts the product in both cylinders and then goes back to production mode to reproduce.
Washing defrosting rapidly melts the product in the cylinders that significantly reduces leftovers before cleaning.

Special function that makes sanitizing process semi-automatic and easy.
No disassemble the machine to clean the throat block unit, air-pump unit, beater and cylinder.




Excellent customer experience is the starting point of Hommy.



Besides, top qualified engineers, skillful technologists and knowledgeable personal contribute a lot to the company development.

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2 flavour+1mix Vending ice cream machine

Defrosting : when the machine are working 1 hour not sell out ice cream , cylinder some time will be block , we setup the system automtic defrost , so the machine can still working and defrost inside ice and made good quality ice cream or frozen Yogurt .

Air pump :  adjustable overrun from 20% to 80% , reduce the generation of ice crystals,made frozen yogurt(ice cream ) taste smooth and look white ; reduce the use of raw materials, increase profits .

If you sell out ice cream at night the system automatic setup Pasteurization : Can kill the bacteria that produce inside the machine from -5℃ → 65℃→ -5℃process ( disinfect the loading cylinder and raw material inside , then refrigerate to booking status ). so you can keep the machine each 14 days one time .

Leave censer have Second stage, the first stage of missing material level alarm, the second stage of automatic shutdown. When you receive the first message , you have some time for you to add material no need let the machine stop to work it .

The promotion function can help to add every day sell out quantity , you setup from Monday to Friday in 10:00 to 12:00 buy ice cream with some discount to draw on customer purchases.

The machine inside have more language for you to choose : Chinese , English ,Poland , Saudi Arabia, Malaysia,Thailand, Spain .

Why did a vending machine charge me more?

I bought a can of coke in a vending machine at the train station in Toronto. It was $1.50, and the vending machine said that I had $1.47 in my account. But when I looked at my receipt, it said I only had $1.40. How did that happen?

Answer: The machine thought you had more money in your account than you actually did.

This is a case where the machine was trying to be kind. It offered you a discounted price for the vending machine product. The machine wanted to do you a favour.

Does a taped dollar work?

Are you like me? I am a recent convert to tape.

I did the "dabbing" thing for a couple of months and then got frustrated and went back to what I did before. I was unhappy with my results and so I started to think about how tape can be a good thing, maybe even a great thing.

So I went and bought some taping equipment and got to taping.

How much does a real vending machine cost? A surprisingly short answer

The venerable Vending Times has an article that shows the average cost of a real vending machine. I like the article because it includes a breakdown of costs, which is something I rarely see. However, as a data geek, I was interested in how they arrived at their estimate.

Here’s the problem. The article’s data comes from the Vending Times’ annual survey, which asks the typical vending industry player about their costs. However, the article doesn’t include a disclaimer about the survey’s accuracy. In other words, it doesn’t include

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