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 Vending sundae ice cream machine

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Our wide range of quality-approved Ice Cream Self Vending Machine ensures that the produced ice creams, milk shakes, are of unmatched quality and that you can be certain of their taste, texture, and aroma. Our production of Ice Cream Self Vending Machines are widely applauded for their unique features like zero waste production, zero emission, eco-friendly operations and zero maintenance costs.


Hommy vending ice cream machine have more humanized function : keep fresh , air pump , mixer in hopper , defrost , pasteurization, remote ,sells report , remind , different language choose . we also welcome OEM and ODM. 



Vending Sundae ice cream machine


1.3 flavour sundae ice cream for you to choose .

2. inside can keep about 70pcs cup and 70pcs spoon .

3. payment system: In local currency –Cash /coin / exchange coin /credit card /online pay .

4.10.1 inch touch screen tablet-like controller with Android system

5. Machine states(hopper and cylinder tempera ,rationed setting,production process,error , Material level alert,Price)

Data checking(sales volume) , Dispensing controlling, Machine settings ,Intelligent operation,Function send to mobile phone alert .

6.The machine inside have more function , that can help you to save more Artificial cost :

Pre-cooling system maintains mix below 5 during auto & standby modes.

Air-pump delivers the mix with certain amount of air to the freezing cylinders.

Mixer keeps mix uniformity in the hoppers.

Heat-treatment provides a daily cleaning routine to maintains product according to quality and safety standards up to two weeks before complete cleaning with disassembly.


– Production defrosting rapidly melts the product in both cylinders and then goes back to production mode to reproduce.

– Washing defrosting rapidly melts the product in the cylinders that significantly reduces leftovers before cleaning.


– Special function that makes sanitizing process semi-automatic and easy.

– No disassemble the machine to clean the throat block unit, air-pump unit, beater and cylinder.

Counter allows the operator to view number of servings dispensed.




Excellent customer experience is the starting point of Hommy.



Hommy have produce ice cream machine for 20 years experience, vending ice cream machine add more function soft ice cream ,because no guy to service all the time . we base on this add more sensor and use software to controll it that is good quality and good function .


when the machine are working 1 hour not sell out ice cream , cylinder some time will be block , we setup the system automtic defrost , so the machine can still working and defrost inside ice and made good quality ice cream or frozen Yogurt . 

product-Hommy-vending machine -img


Air pump 

Adjustable overrun from 20% to 80% , reduce the generation of ice crystals,made frozen yogurt(ice cream ) taste smooth and look white ; reduce the use of raw materials, increase profits


product-vending machine -Hommy-img



If you sell out ice cream at night the system automatic setup Pasteurization : Can kill the bacteria that produce inside the machine from -5  65 -5process ( disinfect the loading cylinder and raw material inside , then refrigerate to booking status ). so you can keep the machine each 14 days one time .             

product-HM931S vending sundae ice cream machine-Hommy-img

Leave sensor
Leave sensor have Second stage, the first stage of missing material level alarm, the second stage of automatic shutdown. When you receive the first message , you have some time for you to add material no need let the machine stop to work it .



Promotion function

The machine inside have promotion function , you setup the promotion any time from day to time all is follow you . you can set up second ice cream half price you give client more discount

   That can help you to add sell out quantity .


Different Language

The machine inside have more language for you to choose : Chinese , English ,Poland , Saudi Arabia, Malaysia,Thailand, Spain .


product-Hommy-HM931S vending sundae ice cream machine-img-1

Document:product-Hommy-vending machine -img-116028339783025.pdf

Is ice cream maker worth the money?

My son is a big fan of ice cream. He likes it because it tastes like ice cream, and because he gets to put toppings on it. When we go to the store he always asks for vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, chocolate syrup and chocolate sprinkles.But I’ve been thinking about getting him a home ice cream maker. I think it would be cool to be able to make my own ice cream, or to make his own.

How much does it cost to make your own ice?

Ice is a great way to cool down beverages and food. Most of the time when people make ice they use a machine that does the work for them. There are many types of ice machines that can be used to create ice and this includes:Home Ice Makers.There are many home ice makers that people can buy or build themselves. Most of these machines make large quantities of ice at a time. This is great for parties and gatherings. If you want to make your own ice at home it is easy to do and there are many tutorials on how to do this.

Are ice cream vending machines profitable?

Ice cream vending machines are very profitable for the owners of the machines. People love ice cream and are willing to pay for it. The profit margins for these machines are higher than other machines. There are different types.Ice cream vending machines are used by the masses to satisfy their cravings for ice cream. These machines are able to provide all kinds of flavors of ice cream that people can enjoy at home. These machines are widely used in colleges, airports, coffee shops and convenience stores. The ice cream vending machines are equipped with different flavors of ice cream and other types of products.


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