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Bdpop-B 4 Heads Mould Baking Ice Cream Cone Machinery Price List

Bdpop-B 4 Heads Mould Baking Ice Cream Cone Machinery Price List

Bdpop-B 4 Heads Mould Baking Ice Cream Cone Machinery Price List

Model Number
Place of Origin
CE ,ISO 9001
Lead Time
20-30working days after TT deposit
OEM Availability
Payment Term
Suitable For
Hourly Output
Time to finish one batch
1.8-2.3 minutes
Mould Quantity
220V50HZ,1Phase/ 220V60Hz,1 phase
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Ice Cream Cone Maker

Ice Cream Cone Maker|Ice Cream Cone Machine|Product specification|Product making


Our main objective is to offer best quality of ice cream cone mould to our valuable customers. Our factory is well equipped with latest technology and machinery to manufacture ice cream cone mould in a cost effective manner. The offered machine is manufactured using high quality raw material and modern techniques under the guidance of experienced professionals. This machine is available in different sizes and designs as per the requirements of our customers.

The offered machine is manufactured using quality material and modern techniques as per the international quality norms.

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Ice Cream Cone Machine

• Semi-automatic machine are used for baking ice cream cones , sugar cone and cups .

• One die-unit can bake and produce only one type of cone/cup .

 This machine easy operation , It can be easily to operated by any unskilled operators by performing a few simple tasks .

• We can base on the client ‘s cone shape , logo and size to make it. we welcome OEM .

• You can order one machine with different shape mould , the upper and lower moulds are interchangeable. In two/three hours you can change the entire die-unit and start to produce with another type of cone .

• The heating is by electrical heaters designed to optimize energy use and thermal distribution.It is flexible enough for high production on nonstop basis for 24 hours .

• Durable innoxious cone mould as per sanitation standard that made in aluminum .

• base on the cone shape to adjustble Temperature and set up timing to controll cone shape and hardness .


Product specification


Product making

Besides, top qualified engineers, skillful technologists and knowledgeable personal contribute a lot to the company development.

Brief Introduction about Operation for Cone Maker

1.Connent the power and container at the back af the machine. Then open the mould ,and lubricates the cone moulds with vegetable oil.


2.Close the moulds and allow the machine to preheated for 15-20 minutes.


3.Open the upper mould


4.Fill the mixture in the feaderand poure them in the lower mould


5.Close the upper mould and allow the machine to bake for about two minutes.


6.Two minutes later, the buzzer will buzze and the warning light will on to ramind you cones are ready. Open the upper mould and lower mould.


7.Cones will drop to the slide way and slide into the container.


Why you shouldn't eat ice cream?

To begin with, ice cream is very caloric. A scoop of ice cream is almost 700 calories and a pint has around 1000 calories. It’s full of sugar, salt and fat. It also has a long list of ingredients that you probably never heard of.

But the main reason you shouldn’t eat ice cream is that it’s full of additives that can be very harmful to your health.

The truth is, the ice cream that we buy in stores are often filled with unhealthy ingredients.

How much money is required to set up a ice cream Factory?

We know that the cost of setting up a factory is dependent on a lot of factors such as the nature of the product you wish to produce, the nature of the manufacturing facility, the size of the factory, and the number of staff that you require. The price of setting up an ice cream factory is dependent on the number of staff and the volume of production. The cost of a small factory is usually about $1 million, while a large factory is likely to cost $10 million or more.

Is rolled ice cream healthier than regular ice cream? In a word: yes. Ice cream is made with milk or cream, or a combination of both, and is then frozen. The primary ingredient in ice cream is milk or cream, not sugar, so adding the natural sugars from fruit or syrup will have a negligible effect on the caloric content. However, sugar is the main reason why ice cream is so delicious.

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