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Unknown patent of Hommy self service ice cream machine


1. Self closing function

The function of the automatic closing device is to pull the handle downward to make ice cream, the handle will automatically rebound to the original position, that is, the handle will automatically reset.

The design of automatic retractable handle avoids the waste of ice cream flowing out and the messy phenomenon around the machine caused by the user forgetting to pull back the operation handle. Ceramic end face axial sealing technology

2. The transmission shaft in the freezing cylinder adopts the latest research and development technology of comer, namely, ceramic end face axial sealing technology

Using the ceramic end face axial sealing technology, it is not necessary to remove and wash the transmission shaft and add grease during machine disassembly and cleaning, which greatly reduces the workload of manual machine disassembly and cleaning, and reduces the missing or missing parts caused by human errors. If the ordinary machine needs to remove and wash the transmission shaft and remove the rubber ring when cleaning, put on the rubber ring and apply grease after cleaning, which is heavy and cumbersome. At the same time, the leakage of rubber ring or forgetting to apply grease may cause the motor to burn out due to human error, which will increase the maintenance cost.

3. Internet of things function: ① remote feedback of sales data and other information; ② remote technical service system

The function of Internet of things refers to connecting the machine with the network through the built-in sensor of the machine, transmitting the current operation information of the machine to the server through the remote network, analyzing the operation data and monitoring whether the operation data of the machine is normal through the analysis of the server. When the abnormal situation occurs, it can play the role of early warning or maintenance of the machine in advance.

Hommy can install Internet of things for ice cream machine. The function of Internet of things is divided into two parts

First, the sales data information feedback. Through the Internet of things technology, the machine can feed back the daily sales data of each machine in real time, which is convenient for the management team to analyze the sales volume and develop new products;

Second, the machine operation data and operating environment information feedback, such as environmental temperature, voltage, current, refrigeration effect and other information, after the server collects and analyzes the data automatically, the server automatically sends maintenance, repair and other maintenance service instructions to the machine specific maintenance personnel, so as to ensure the normal operation of store equipment and early warning of maintenance service.

4. Customized control panel

Personalized customization of control panel refers to the color Android touch screen of the machine, which can display customer logo, background pattern and so on according to customer requirements, so as to meet customers' personalized customization requirements.

5. Quantitative induction device to control the quantity of each ice cream

6. Automatic nozzle cleaning device

This design can clean away the milk slurry left in the ice cream flower mouth, thus greatly reducing the growth of bacteria at the flower mouth.

The self-locking function of the handle means that when the ice cream in the ice cream machine is not finished, the handle is automatically locked, and the user is not allowed to operate the ice cream.

In general, when the ice cream is made every 10 seconds and about 6 pieces are made continuously, the cooling time of ice cream is not enough, and the ice cream produced by continuous processing may soften and reduce the expansion rate. In order to ensure the quality of the ice cream, the handle will lock automatically for a period of time (about 30 seconds), so that the ice cream in the machine can be fully refrigerated, and then automatically unlock the handle, allowing the user to continue to make ice cream, so as to ensure the product quality. If you do not need this function, you can cancel it in the background.



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