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How to use ice cream machine


Ice cream is believed to have been eaten in our daily life. However, in summer, if you want to make your own ice cream at home, how do you use the ice cream machine?

Ice cream machine, also known as ice cream coagulator, is an automatic equipment specially designed to produce frozen sweets ice cream. According to its use, ice cream machine can be divided into large-scale freezing machine used in factory assembly line, commercial ice cream machine used in catering industry, and household ice cream machine for household use.


The process of using the ice cream machine is to add the ice cream mix into the hopper. Under the action of the air ice cream mix pump, the ice cream mix are evenly mixed with the air and transported to the cylinder. The expanded ice cream mix is stirred and gradually cooled in the cylinder, and the viscosity increases. When the required viscosity is reached, it is pushed to the outlet by the screw conveyor. Open the outlet and the machine will extrude the finished ice cream.

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