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Make esay money for ice cream vending machine


A spoonful of ice cream is refreshing and sweet. All the heat is washed away by the coolness of ice cream and the mood gets better unconsciously. Therefore, everyone says that ice cream has the effect of healing body and mind. Now the ice cream made by vending machine is also delicious. It's not only made and sold on the spot, but also has a variety of flavors to choose from. No matter whether it's hot or stuffy, when we go shopping or play, we can see the ice cream vending machine, scan the code with our mobile phone and quickly get a cup of freshly beaten ice cream that melts at the entrance. It's really wonderful! So, will this kind of automatic ice cream machine be popular in the future? How popular will it be? We might as well listen to the real operation experience of automatic ice cream machine.


Mr. Liu said that it has been a long time since he invested in Hommy ice cream vending machines. The machines and equipment have been installed in major shopping malls that I think have more customers. His deepest insight is that they are constantly praised and easy to earn money, At present, it's summer vacation. Each automatic ice cream vending machine in the mall can sell more than 100 cups a day, and even 300 cups at the weekend. Moreover, the maintenance is not too complicated. It's the most important work to pay attention to feeding and cleaning. Basically, one person can manage several machines, and all datas can be viewed in real time through the background. A mobile phone can easily supervise the sales situation of ice cream machine. This is a lot easier than opening a shop.

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