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An automatic ice cream machine hm766c with 240 flavors


The ice cream machine hm766c is not limited to occasions, convenient to move, does not occupy space, sanitary, durable, this ice cream machine that is to say, the machine has its own expansion function, so that the water and ice cream powder more perfect integration, ice cream machine molding equipment capacity, low noise, low power consumption, continuous production of ice cream ability is strong, the ice cream taste is delicate and smooth. Will give customers full support, easy to learn, in terms of operation to remove worries, will bring huge economic benefits to customers.

There is no doubt that Kangmei's ice cream machines are of good quality. Kangmei is the source factory of ice cream machines. Kangmei has 20 years of experience in producing ice cream machines. Vending machines add more functional soft ice cream, because there has been no one to serve. On this basis, sensors are added and controlled by software to make it have good quality and function. Kangmei's ice cream machines are very good in terms of production, sales and industry reputation.

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