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Hommy736s vending machine


Many friends will say that an ice cream machine only produce ice cream, it will be not worthy. Please don't underestimate that small ice cream machine. Its internal core structure is very complex. The expansion efficiency is different, and the taste of ice cream will be different. An ice cream machine can be from more than 4000 yuan to more than 10000 yuan, more than 20000 yuan or even more. There are all kinds of price for ice cream machine, depending on what quality you want.

Features of Hommy 736s vending machine:

25 inch touch screen controller for operating and advertising

2 flavors + 1 mixed flavor ice cream

180 waffles in it.

Payment system: local currency - cash / coin / coin exchange / credit card / online payment.

Internal function of ice cream machine:

10.1-inch touch screen tablet PC controller with Android system

Machine status (hopper and cylinder temperature, quantitative setting, production process, error, level alarm, price)

Data check (sales volume)

Dispensing control

Machine setup

Intelligent operation

Breakdown alarm sent to mobile phone

There are more functions inside the machine, which can help you save more labor costs:

The pre-cooling system keeps the mixing temperature below 5 ℃ in automatic and standby modes.

The air pump delivers the mixture and a certain amount of air to the freezing cylinder.

The mixer keeps the mixture in the hopper even.


Production defrost quickly melts the product in both cylinders and then returns to production mode for replication

Cleaning and defrosting can quickly melt the products in the cylinder and significantly reduce the residues before cleaning.



The special function makes the disinfection process simple. No need to disassemble the machine cleaning throat unit, air pump unit, beater and drum. The counter allows the operator to view the number of copies allocated.

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