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Ds-1500 Defrosts Function Hard Ice Cream Display Freezer For Sale

Ds-1500 Defrosts Function Hard Ice Cream Display Freezer For Sale

Ds-1500 Defrosts Function Hard Ice Cream Display Freezer For Sale

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Gelato ice cream freezer 

Gelato ice cream freezer|Product specification|Product Features|Product Advantage

Product specification:


If you are in the market for an ice cream display freezer that will make your product look luxurious, then consider our model. It has an electrical controller system for precise temperate control and easy operation. The durable stainless steel pans can withstand heavy use and the temperature is adjustable from -12 to -22 degrees centigrade. The automatic defogging and defrosting function keeps your ice cream looking its best.

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Product Features


◆ Streamline luxurious outward appearance .

◆ Electrical controller system for temperate that is easy operation .

◆ Durable stainless steel pans .

◆ Temperature degree adjustable(-12 to -22 degree centigrade) .

◆ Automatic defogging, defrosts function.

◆ 5 layer curved and heated glass have automatic defogging function .

◆ Low power consumption .

◆ Different color at request available .



Product Advantage:

1. Insulated arc toughened glass,perfect perspective;

product-DS-1500 Hard Ice Cream freezer-Hommy-img

2. that have 4 kind of body color for you to choose . 



What is a stabilizer and emulsifier in ice cream?

The terms stabilizer and emulsifier are used in a different way in the ice cream industry.Stabilizers are typically added to ice cream to reduce ice crystal growth. This is usually done by adding the stabilizer as a solution in water or other solvents and then adding that solution to the base. The emulsifier, on the other hand, is typically added as a powder or paste. The function of the emulsifier is to help break down the fat molecules in the base, which are often large and not easily mixed. 

What machine do I need to make gelato?

The classic Italian machines, which have been used by generations of Italian home chefs, allow the best results, but if you’re making gelato at home, there are also alternatives which are a fraction of the price of the machines and can be used to make the same type of rich, smooth gelato.You can make ice cream at home, with a hand-crank ice cream maker or a stand-alone ice cream machine.

How do you use a ZOKU slush maker?

ZOKU slush maker is a Japanese rice ball machine. The machine can make your favorite slush beverage. There is no need for any boiling water, just put the ingredients into the machine and push a button to make it. It is very convenient and quick, even for a single person to make one slush.

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