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Hm25apl Automatic Capsule Filling Production Line For One-Shot

Hm25apl Automatic Capsule Filling Production Line For One-Shot

Hm25apl Automatic Capsule Filling Production Line For One-Shot

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Capsule Automatic Filling Production Line 

Capsule Automatic Filling Production Line|Product specification|Product Features


We are offering our Capsule Filling Production Line for One-Shot in the best quality at most competitive prices. The offered production line is made of quality tested materials to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the production line. Furthermore, the production line is designed as per the international standards to ensure the flawless functioning of the machine. 

Product specification:

The One-Shot machine has changed all the rules for dispensing frozen desserts including ice cream, frozen yogurt ......  One-Shot machine is the real game changer. There is no need to be locked into the legacy of soft serve technology , and you also can reduce the complications of the ice cream factory. The associated sanitizing nightmare, soaring energy costs, variable quality and product integrity and substantial waste will not be a question.


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Product Features:

A: automatic filling capsule machine

1. This produce line we design base on 3000-4000pcs every day base on 8-10 hours working time ,

  Use one guy to work it .  produce one cup about 6 second .

2. Cup volume each time can keep 72pcs ( 9pcs X 8 line )

3. Produce line that keep 18pcs cup holder .

4. Injection machine connect with soft ice cream machine direct inject ice cream into the cup and made ice cream not easy melt.

5. sealing paper each roller about 1500pcs

6. Add one stamp produce day .

B: soft ice cream machine & hard ice cream machine

We choose 2 units HM726 machine because we can not made the produce line stop to produce ice cream , so we need to one machine to

 produce batch to wait for next time to injection .

C: Fast cold tunnel flow

1.  The machine inside choose stainless steel conveyor that is Secondary transport , the first send ice cream inside chiller , second Freezing while conveying ice cream.

2. The compressor is 5 ph bigger company , it can pass temperature about -18C .

3. Add two windows to observe whether the internal operation of the machine is normal.

4. The conveyor speed can adjust it , Can complete a circle in 5-20 minutes , base on your quantity adjust it .

5. Machine size :1.3 X1.6X0.8m 



How do you make homemade ice cream in 5 minutes?

This is an ice cream recipe that uses fresh ingredients and can be made in under 5 minutes. It is very rich and creamy, and has a smooth, soft texture. It is a perfect summer treat, and we love to have this after dinner on a hot summer’s evening.I used to make this recipe by simply putting all the ingredients in a food processor and churning it, but lately I have been using an ice cream machine.

How long do I need to churn ice cream?

The ice cream churn is the most important tool in your kitchen. It’s the one that takes the raw ingredients and turns them into a creamy, delicious treat.Churn ice cream is when you slowly mix air into the ice cream to create a smooth texture. The ice cream is allowed to churn for about 10 minutes.If you don't have a stand mixer or a handheld mixer, it is very easy to churn your ice cream with a spoon and a bowl. Just be sure to take your time.If you have a stand mixer, a hand-held mixer, or a stand mixer with a hand-held attachment, you should churn for around 8-10 minutes, or until the ice cream is smooth and creamy.

Why is my heavy cream so thick?

I have been making my own heavy cream for years now, and have always used the directions in this recipe from King Arthur Flour. Recently, I have been making it in a glass jug, and it's never been too thick, even with a little over a cup of cream. I read that if you leave the cream out to cool, the water in the cream will separate and the cream will thicken up. I have been doing that, and it hasn't really thickened it up, just made it thicker.

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