ZJ170A Commercial Sugar Cane Juice Extractor Machines With Roller

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Commercial Sugar Cane Juice Extractor Machines






Hommy's best heavy duty commercial automatic sugar cane juicer machine with rollers.These products are easily obtainable, priced reasonably, refined by advanced machinery, their prices are competitive, and they are easy to operate and maintain. We have a team of experienced and trained professionals that understand the requirements of customers. With advanced machinery, Hommy has set up its manufacturing unit in Xinhui. The quality of our electric sugarcane juicer making machines is world-class. We have gained a great customer base across China, and have even exported our products to Vietnam, India, Europe, and the USA.

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Sugarcane Juice Machine With Cooling system 


•Revolutionary sugarcane extracting process.
Innovative designed with cooler and cup dispenser.
Outside design attracts customer and helps you to do promotion.
Hygienic: all parts in contact with juice are of food grade. the waste is directed into the concealed modular dustbin.
Quiet: reduction of noise up to 90% compared to the traditional machine.

Made in 100% stainless steel.
Easily take out the roller to clean every time.
Sugarcane crushed ina single pass ends with up to 85% extraction yeild.

Gearshift Motor
Motor speed is variable according to the diameter of the sugarcane stalk. The bigger the diameter, the lower the speed for maximum extraction yield.
1/2HP, 400watt, Single phase.
The roller is able to move forward and backward.

Sugarcane Entrance
Accommodates sugarcane stalk diameter up to 2-1/4".
Chiller System
Crushed juice is fine filtered and quickly chilled.
It can keep the juice cooling from5C to8C .


Cleaning Tap
Provides convenience for daily cleaning of the cooler and the connect tube.




ModelNumber  ZJ170 ZJ170A ZJ170B ZJ170C ZJ170D
Production Capacity 300-500kgs/H 300-500kgs/H 300-500kgs/H 300-500kgs/H 300-500kgs/H
size  1200X720X1053mm 1200X720X2100mm 1200X720X2300mm 1200X720X2300mm 1200X720X2300mm
Pressing juice rate 80%-85% 80%-85% 80%-85% 80%-85% 80%-85%
motor  0.75KW  0.75KW  0.75KW  0.75KW  0.75KW 
motor function  Geared Motro Geared Motro Geared Motro Geared Motro Geared Motro
roller  Whole 100% stainless steel Whole 100% stainless steel Whole 100% stainless steel Whole 100% stainless steel Whole 100% stainless steel
chriller  yes (keep 1 to 10 ) yes (keep 1 to 10 ) yes (keep 1 to 10 ) yes (keep 1 to 10 ) yes(keep 1 to 10 )
freezer  no  no  no  no  no 
 Remote monitoring system no  no  no  no  yes



Easy to clear 
the machine body use stainless steel to made it and water-tap for you to each the machine easy to operation . 

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The roof  of more than 2 meters is also equipped with lights, which can attract more customers.

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the machine inside have 3 layers of filter and
this filter is easy to clear it every day.
Strong Motor 

Motor speed is variable according to the diameter of the sugarcane stalk .The bigger of the diameter ,The lower of speed for maximum extraction yield.

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Extraction juice rate higher

the machine choose strong motor and the reasonable structure and good sealing performance, only one press can reach 85% of juice yield, no need for labor

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Strong squeezing shaft and 100% stainless steel and easy to remove clear that not  easy to produce bacteria

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Hommy Brand Sugar Cane Juice Extractor Machine for Juice Shop in the United States


Starting a sugar cane juice extractor machine business in the USA requires following some steps. The first step in starting a business in the USA is the selection of the business concept. The second step is to find a suitable location for the business. The third step, after selecting the location, is to register the business name and get the necessary permits and licenses, if required in your state or city where the business is located. The fourth step is to publicize the business by seeking local press coverage and getting listed in online business directories to get wider visibility for your business. The fifth and last step in starting a new business is to draft a business plan. A well-written business plan is required to secure funding from banks, investors, and even family and friends if you are starting off with limited resources.



It is hard to find a high quality sugarcane juicer with a roller factory in the USA.


There are hundreds of types of cane juicers on the market. But if you want the best in quality and performance, spend some time reading the contents below to know exactly what to look for.


Easy to operate


The juicer is very easy to use. There are numerous buttons and controls that can be customized to meet your specific requirements.


This allows you to have a quick and easy juice in minutes.


Simple to clean


The sugarcane juicer is easy to clean. The process is very simple, and the cleaning process can be done by you alone.


This is one of the most important things to consider when you buy a sugarcane juicer.



If you are looking forward to buying a sugarcane juice machine in the USA, be sure to search the market thoroughly before deciding to buy one. Some of the important factors that contribute to a good purchase include the following:


Look for a machine that is energy efficient and highly productive. This is important as this will help you to save money in the long run. Also check the machinery's noise levels, as excessive noise can disturb your neighbors.


The machines that use cane cutters for producing the juice should be easy to clean and maintain. This will ensure that the machine remains in tip-top condition for a long period of time.


Avoid buying machines or equipment that release pollutants into the atmosphere. Machines that emit harmful gases can have adverse health consequences for the workers too.


Ensure that the machine you want to buy has an adequate capacity to make the right amount of juice for your business without compromising on quality.


Hommy can help your electric sugarcane juice maker business


Our company has a strong technical force and a perfect quality control system. Our products are widely used in hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping malls, supermarkets, and other public places. We sincerely welcome friends from all over the world to visit our factory for business negotiations! Request your high-power machine today.

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