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How to make the vending pizza machine more profitable?

Pizza vending machines are a great way to increase sales without incurring a lot of expenses, such as opening a new restaurant or expanding an existing restaurant (involving the purchase of equipment, work and accessories). In addition, since the dealer sells automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the dealer does not need you to be present during business hours. Your pizza vending machine may have different financing plans: lease or purchase.
Examples of profitability of French distributors: Based on the cost price of the pizza of 2.10 euros and the sales price of 8.70 euros, you can profit from 7 pizzas per day. With this minimal sale, you can already make a profit. If you choose to buy a vending machine, you can sell 22 pizzas a day, and then amortize its cost within 2.5 years.



This vending machine is a fully customizable point of sale.


 This automatic pizza vending machine is designed to be the most suitable location for you. In window or kiosk mode, no additional covering is required for outdoor installation. The front, back and sides of the vending pizza machine can be fully customized.


You can add logos, text and images to reflect your identity. The large high-definition touch screen allows you to scroll through advertising slides displayed on products, brands, or partners to promote.


The screen is protected by toughened glass, and its location is designed to be suitable for people with limited mobility.


As simple and intuitive as the control terminal of a fast food restaurant, customers like the fluid control interface.

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