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Hm-Pm-50 Commercial Heavy Duty Ice Block Machine Price List

Hm-Pm-50 Commercial Heavy Duty Ice Block Machine Price List

Hm-Pm-50 Commercial Heavy Duty Ice Block Machine Price List

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Goal markets as below movie theater\roadhouse\dining room
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ice block making machine

ice block making machine|Product Features|Product specification


Our machine is a highly automated tool that is widely demanded throughout the globe. In our modernized facility, we manufacture and design these machines in various specifications at most competitive prices. These machines are capable of providing consistent and uniform quality, which is essential for making ice blocks. Our machines are manufactured using latest technology and are highly efficient and robust. Owing to their various features, these ice block machines are widely appreciated by our clients for their reliability and ease of use. These machines are manufactured under the guidance of highly qualified engineers, and their performance is evaluated on various parameters.


Product Features

1.The machine is built with luxury appearance and easy operation and low cost of maintenance .

2.Inside material tank made in pure stainless steel that can resist hydrochloric acid erode .

3.Operation is easy .

4.Airproof cover and keep the material use long time .

5.Low capital investments with max production

6.Make profit from water , incredible profit potential .

7.Capacities offered:  1ton/24H , 2 tons/24H ,3tons/24H , 4tons/24H , 5tons/24H .

8.Ice weight: 5kgs(130X70X630mm),10kgs(260X70X630mm),15kgs(210X100X830mm),20kgs(210X120X830mm),


9.No requirements of skilled workers

10.High durability, minimum maintenance

11. If the machine work with water cooling system, It will need to install pump and cooling tower together.


Product specification


Document:product-HM-PM-50 ice block making machine-Hommy-img16030773368604.pdf

Why do ice makers cost so much?

This is the first in a series of blog posts on the world's five largest beverage ice makers, from the smallest of the pack to the one with the most capacity.While a basic understanding of ice makers is a must for anyone who drinks soda, lemonade and water in the US, there's a lot more to an ice maker than just making ice cubes.The average home refrigerator makes between 500 and 600 pounds of ice a day. And while the ice produced by ice makers doesn't have to be so pure, manufacturers want to produce ice with no air bubbles or other impurities.

How do you make a good ice block at home?

A: You need four ice-block ingredients: salt, a baking powder-type baking soda, baking powder, and milk powder. You mix it all up into a sort of loose dough, then let it freeze hard. If you want, you can mix in some cocoa powder or lemon juice. If you let the ice-block mixture cool in the freezer until it gets about the consistency of really wet biscuit dough, it’ll be easier to handle.When you’re ready to make an ice block, take your dough and roll it into a big, big snowball-like shape. Put it back into the freezer until it’s frozen solid. When you’re ready to make ice-block treats, use a sharp knife or an ice-cream scooper to scrape it out of the freezer, shape it back into a log, and cut it into manageable pieces.

Do ice packs work better than ice?

A quick google search returns about a hundred results. It looks like lots of folks are not convinced that ice packs work very well, but if you're still looking for some evidence, here is a quote from the US National Library of Medicine which seems to corroborate what you are seeing in your experience.

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