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Hm22 Smoothie Blender, Ice Cream Mixer Machine, Gelato Milkshake

Hm22 Smoothie Blender, Ice Cream Mixer Machine, Gelato Milkshake

Hm22 Smoothie Blender, Ice Cream Mixer Machine, Gelato Milkshake

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restaurants, 24-hour convenience stores, beverage stores
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Smoothie Maker

Smoothie Maker|Product specification|Product Features|Product Advantage

We hold a complete documentation of this manufacturer to ensure that our customers receive the best from our manufacturers.

We are offering this smoothie blender which is capable of making the thickest and most tasty of smoothies. This is ideal for use in cafes, hotels, restaurants, catering or other places where they serve smoothie drinks. They are also known to be very useful for smoothie lovers, who always need smoothies to hydrate their bodies.

The new generation professional blenders are very different from the old. In this way, the smoothie blender has many new functions and is more reasonable for different needs.

Product specification

product-HM22 smoothie blender-Hommy-img




Product Features:

Product offering: Ideal for preparing the desired mix-ins from various ingredients.

«Simple to use.

¢Easy to clean.

*Safe for user.

Permanent agitator:

Blending the ingredients such as hard candies, cookies into frozen yogurt, soft ice cream or  hard ice cream with permanent agitator to make the desired mix-ins.


Three separate blades are available for different ingredients.

*Special for milkshake.

*Special for hard ice cream.

*Special for softice cream.


Product Advantage

Use one machine can made more produce , you only change blender and choose different material that can made milkshake & smoothie. 


HM22 with ice cream machine Combine to make milkshake or smoothie. Smoothie's main ingredients are fruits and vegetables (fresh, frozen, fruit juice), with a small amount of syrup, or yogurt milk, even peanut butter chocolate flavored Milkshake's main ingredients are milk, yogurt or ice cream (all dairy products), and then also In terms of flavoring nutrients such as syrup and fruit juice, Smoothie is mainly carbohydrates (sugar, dietary fiber), and Milkshake is mainly composed of fat and protein from dairy products.



What can I use instead of an ice cream maker?

This is a very common question. Most ice cream makers consist of a freezing compartment that is kept below freezing and an ice cream container that sits above the freezing compartment. The freezing compartment is full of ice and the mixture is continually stirred, which is what enables the formation of ice crystals in the mixture. When the ice crystals have built up, the ice cream maker is switched off. Then the mixture is transferred to the container and served.

How do you make ice cream cones in a blender?

1. Mix your ice cream

2. Mix your mix in blender

3. Add all of the cones

4. Mix in blender

5. Add in food coloring

6. Blend

7. Roll the mixture out and cut

8. Bake

How do you make cream out of milk in a blender?

 It is a question that pops up from time to time in my social media feeds. It’s not an unusual one and I’m sure that there are probably a number of ways to achieve this.

There are a couple of different methods that I’ve tried, but the two that I’ve found to be the easiest are the method of freezing the milk first, and then adding the cream afterwards. And then there’s the method of making the cream out of powdered milk. I find these methods also the easiest, for me at least.

In the first method, I freeze the milk. Then I drain it from the milk in a bowl and return it to the blender. I add my cream and blend the two together until they are blended to the perfect consistency.

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