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Who owns this amazing pizza machine?


This self-service pizza machine comes from Hommy company. Its original dream is to build a fully automatic intelligent fast food terminal, and it must be Chinese food. With the idea of "5 minutes from raw to cooked to finish a Chinese meal of 2 meat and 1 vegetable", Hommy's automatic pizza machine has visited all over the world, but the result is not very smooth.

There are many kinds of pizzas in the Hommy vending machine. About 3 minutes after the money is put in, a packed hot pizza will pop up at the outlet.

The payment method of the Pizza machine is compatible with banknotes, credit cards, even WeChat and Alipay. "This is an intelligent fast food terminal, which is not only fully automatic processing and has all payment methods, but also an intelligent terminal integrated with big data and cloud platform, which can be remotely monitored all over the world."

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