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What is the working principle of ice cream machine?

by:Hommy     2020-05-22
?? A simple summary of the work flow of the ice cream machine is: raw material cylinder-expansion pump-freezing cylinder-scraper in the freezing cylinder-outlet of the beater. Raw material tank: The place where ice cream raw materials are stored. Expansion pump: The ice cream material is mixed and expanded by the suction of the expansion pump and air, and then sent to the freezing cylinder. Freezing cylinder: The ice cream raw material and air are expanded after stirring to achieve the required viscosity in the freezing cylinder. The scraper in the freezing cylinder: the stirring motor drives the scraper to stir the milk slurry through the reducer and drive the drive shaft, so that the milk slurry and the air are fully mixed, and the spiral scraper simultaneously scrapes off the small ice crystals formed on the wall of the freezing cylinder and the ice cream that is OK Push towards the outlet of the beater. ?? Ice cream is judged by the forming degree and viscosity of the product, and the refrigeration system of the freezing cylinder is controlled by the current of the stirring motor. When the current of the stirring motor reaches the set value, the compressor of the refrigeration system stops working, and at the same time, the stirring motor stops working. At this time, the ice cream is ready.
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