Pa-C5b Auto Touch Screen Hot Dog Lunch Vending Machine

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Hot meal vending machine in 24 hours

Hot meal vending machine in 24 hours|Product Features|Product specification|Product Advantage


We have been doing this for the past several years. Our hot dog vending machines are designed to make you money. The hot dog vending machines are known to be the most popular food items in the market today. There are many different food items that are also being sold in the market today. Our hot dog vending machines are specifically designed to allow you to make money from selling the hot dogs in the market. The hot dog vending machines can be set up in the market so that the customers can place their orders easily. The hot dog vending machines are very easy to use and are set up.

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Product Features

1. 32” touch screen for promotion and operation. Cloud Platform Management System.

2. Visual product window. The door is made in two layers of fully sealed visual glass and outside with a layer of glass film with automatic defrosting function.

3. Payment system

4. The machine inside can keep 81pcs sealed meal, Sealed meal size: 8”(L)x5 1/8”(W)*1 3/8”(H).

5. There are 1-27 types of food available for sale, and the price and heating time of each item can be set separately.

6. The temperature of storage room available from 0℃~4℃. It can be setup base on different products.

7. Heating temperature:  60℃~90℃. Need 45 seconds for baking one sealed meals(fresh never frozen)  . Heating time can be adjusted based on the materials. 

8. Heating method: patent commercial microwave oven(microwave oven power :3000W )

9. Push rod delivery speed: 60~90 seconds. The speed will be varied for different layers of pallets.

10. Machine body material: whole machine foaming molding, good thermal insulation.  

11. Compressor: power 550W, Brand Embraco,Refrigerant 134A


Product specification


Product Advantage

1. Intelligent manipulator XY axis output and elevator delivery 


2. Bigger capacity about 81pcs : 3 pcs lanes per layer X 3 boxes/cargo lane X 9 layers=81

product-PA-C5B Vending Machine automatic for hot and frozen food-Hommy-img

3. The payment system can accept : coin ,bill ,Exchang coin , credit card interface .


4. Computer remote management system: query sales details, shortage reminders, machine failure reminding.


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