Pa-C5-E 24/7 Baked Fresh Food Vending Machine With Kiosk

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Baked kiosk Vending Machine 24hours     

We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of this product.We are a renowned name in this industry that has earned a great reputation in the market for manufacturing, supplying and exporting this product. The offered Food Vending Machine is widely demanded in the market for its durability, easy installation and compact.                 


Product specification:


product-PA-C5-E Baked kiosk Vending Machine-Hommy-img

Product Features :

1. 21.5” touch screen for promotion and operation. Cloud Platform Management System.

2. Visual product window. The door is made in two layers of fully sealed visual glass and outside with a layer of glass film with automatic defrosting function.

3. Payment systembill , coin and exchange coin , credit card interface .

4. The machine inside can keep 72pcs sealed meal, Sealed meal size: 8”(L)x5 1/8”(W)*1 3/8”(H).

  Keep box quantity base on your size .

5. There are 1-27 types of food available for sale, and the price and heating time of each item can be set separately.

6. The temperature of storage room available from 0℃~4℃. It can be setup base on different products.

7. Heating temperature:  60℃~90℃. Need 45 seconds for baking one sealed meals(fresh never frozen)  . Heating time can be adjusted based on the materials. 

8. Heating method: patent commercial microwave oven(microwave oven power :3000W )

9. Push rod delivery speed: 60~90 seconds. The speed will be varied for different layers of pallets.

10. Machine body material: whole machine foaming molding, good thermal insulation.  

11. Compressor: power 550W, Brand Embraco,Refrigerant 134A

Product Advantage:

1.Intelligent manipulator XY axis output and elevator delivery


2.Bigger capacity about 72pcs : 3 pcs lanes per layer X 3 boxes/cargo lane X 8 layers=72


3.The payment system can accept : coin ,bill ,Exchang coin , credit card interface .


4.Computer remote management system: query sales details, shortage reminders, machine failure reminding.

product-Hommy-PA-C5-E Baked kiosk Vending Machine-img

How much does a refrigerated vending machine cost? 

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How much electricity does a snack machine use?

The power consumption of snack machines is calculated based on a number of characteristics, such as size, type, power of the machine’s electric motor, capacity of the device, frequency of purchases, price, etc. The following table is intended to help you select a snack machine with the best power efficiency (that is, the highest energy consumption per unit of purchased snacks).

What foods are in a vending machine?

A machine for some, a place to find a snack or a quick meal for others. It’s a necessity for the many out there, even if it has taken on the role of an entertainment center. Some machines are designed to tempt visitors with a variety of snacks and meals, as a place to refuel, as a chance to grab a quick bite, or sometimes, as a fun play area for kids. What types of food are in the machines? There are many, from a hot dog to a burrito, to a variety of sweets and snacks that are easy to grab and use on the go.


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