Hm-Pm-12a High Quality Ice Lolly Popsicle Machine Ul Certified

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Ice Popsicle Machine

Ice Popsicle Machine|Product Features|Product specification|Product Advantage

Ice lolly Popsicle Machine is designed to produce ice lollies in different shapes, sizes and flavors.This is a very simple machine that does not require any training.The ice lollies are made of water and are very delicious. Our machines are widely used to make cool lollies like Popsicles, Cream lollies and Frozen Yogurt for parties and as wedding favors.

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Product Features


• The machine is built with luxury appearance and easy operation and low cost of maintenance .

• Inside material tank made in pure stainless steel that can resist hydrochloric acid erode

• Operation is easy.

• Several types of Popsicle mould for selection .

• Stainless steel! mould can resist erode .

• Mould have auto-shell function and easy to work .

• Air proof cover and keep the material use long time .

•  Low capital investments with max production.

• Make profit from water , incredible profit potential .

• You can use one machine to produce 3 kind of goods : Popsicle . small ice block , ice candy .


Product specification


Product Advantage

1. The machine chooses SS304 salt water tank-anti-rust material and tank inside choose all the screw that is 304 stainless steel to ensure a longer service life of the machine.


2. We have different ice lolly mould for you to choose it .


3. The machine inside the cooling system is very strong produce one batch one 15-20 minute , that can pass temperature -18 or -20 degree .

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4.  When the high-efficiency stainless steel stirring rod rotates, it generates a water flow to accelerate the cooling speed.


What is the most popular Popsicle in the US? 

According to the National Popsicle Association, it’s the frozen yogurt-inspired Popsicle.The most popular flavor is strawberry, followed by orange and black raspberry.

How do you keep homemade ice cream from melting so fast?

Homemade ice cream is simple. You combine milk, cream, sugar, vanilla, and other flavorings in a mixing bowl and freeze it in your freezer. As the ice cream freezes, the sugar will crystallize and the fat will harden. That’s how ice cream gets its texture.

How do you freeze dry ice popsicles?

I’m always on the lookout for new and creative ways to freeze dry ice. For our August birthday celebration, I decided to do a popsicle party. I did not have any experience making popsicles, so I spent some time researching on how to make them. I came across this video on YouTube by The Cute Foodie where she makes popsicles with water, frozen juice concentrate, and frozen dry ice. I was inspired to try this idea, so I made popsicles using my favorite summertime drinks.


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