Ice cream

by:Hommy     2019-12-15
1, can't eat too fast, so as not to stimulate visceral blood vessels, make local anemia, weaken the digestive function and bactericidal ability of gastrointestinal tract, promote gastroenteritis, cholecystitis and even hepatitis. 2. Eating too much is easy to cause abdominal pain for children, angina pectoris for middle-aged and elderly people, gastroenteritis, laryngeal spasm and hoarse and aphonia for ordinary people. 3, long-term large consumption or even instead of dinner food will lead to nutritional deficiency, and may damage teeth and obesity. 4, do not eat before and after meals, affecting appetite, because the low temperature of ice cream, will cause gastrointestinal vasoconstriction, thus affecting its digestion and absorption capacity, affecting the absorption of various nutrients. If you want to eat, it is recommended to put between meals. Ice cream taboo crowd 1. Dieters: most ice cream on the market has high sugar content and fat content. It is this characteristic of high sugar and fat that makes people fat, in addition, trans fatty acids contained in some ice cream can also make people fat. 2. Pregnant women: Because the gastrointestinal function of pregnant women is weakened and the temperature of ice cream is too low, excessive consumption will cause sudden contraction of gastrointestinal blood vessels, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. In addition, when pregnant women overeat cold food, the fetus has a restless reaction. 3. Children: ice cream is a high-sugar and high-fat food, which is easy to cause obesity among teenagers. In addition, children are more sensitive to various food additives added to ice cream. Eating ice cream before meals will also affect children's appetite, often causing children's spleen and stomach weakness. 4. Diabetics: ice cream is a high-sugar food, which can raise the blood sugar of diabetics in a short period of time, thus aggravating their illness. Therefore, diabetics are not recommended to eat it. 5, gastrointestinal function is not good: low temperature stimulation will aggravate the condition, eat ice cream to be careful. 6. Weak constitution: because ice cream will affect appetite, people with weak constitution will eat again, and the system will be weaker if their appetite is not good. 7, suffering from chronic pancreatitis, cholecystitis: chronic pancreatitis, cholecystitis should not eat, because it is high fat food.
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