How to use ice cream machine?

by:Hommy     2019-12-20
In hot summer, whether adults or children, ice cream is an essential summer drink for us, and ice cream machine is an important equipment for ice cream shops. The rational use and daily maintenance of ice cream machines are related to the daily operation of ice cream shops. Today, I share with you the use of ice cream machines. If you have any better suggestions and methods, I hope you can learn and communicate together. Before that, we must first have a general understanding of the ice cream machine, which helps us understand the knowledge and related steps of using the ice cream machine. Ice cream powder is the most common and widely used ice cream raw material on the market. At present, many manufacturers and brands of ice cream on the market have different prices. Ice cream powder is mixed with water according to a certain proportion, because the aging process is generally not required, so it is more convenient to use, low in cost, easy to transport and store, but attention should be paid to hygiene during mixing, to avoid secondary pollution. The shelf life of fresh puree is about one week, except for production and transportation, the shelf life of the customer is about 4 days, but also because of different brands and different processing methods, the shelf life is different. Two freezers are required for storage. The puree made of milk tastes good, but the cost is high. The use of aseptic packaging of milk, no need for refrigeration, storage and transportation is convenient, the disadvantage is high cost. Compared with milk puree, ice cream powder is not as good as milk puree in terms of taste and taste. Using them together is definitely the effect you want. The shape of ice cream. Select the required raw materials, mix them according to the ratio of raw materials to water, and completely dissolve them. The slurry cannot be agglomerated, and the mixing ratio of different raw materials and water is also different. The ratio of common raw materials and water is 1: 3. Conventional (Soft, hard)The ice cream machine slurry is basically the same configuration. The ratio of raw materials to water must be standard. Too much water will damage the belt of the machine mixer and increase the noise. There is too little water to form ice cream. The temperature of the puree is 3- 35 ° C, the temperature is too low, too high will affect the normal use of the machine. The next day, the remaining puree was frozen and could not be directly put into the machine for production. The puree to be used could not enter the machine until it was mixed.
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