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How many kinds of payment methods in vending machines?


With the progress of science and technology, it is more and more convenient for people to shop, and businesses pay more and more attention to labor-saving and time-saving.

In order to meet these needs, various vending machines are occupying crowded places such as street corners and gradually changing the traditional retail model.

With vending machines, business owners are paying less for their investments than before, and they only need to pay a little labor to pay off quickly.

For consumers, they are becoming more and more lazy.

With the development of the Internet, payment methods for vending machines have also been developed and changed.

So what are the payment methods for vending machines?

In the early days, vending machines generally only supported coin, and then came up with the method of payment with paper money.

Both are known as cash payments.

People will simply money or insert coin acceptor, sales of the products will come out automatically.

The machine can also return the coins according to the price of the goods.

This is the earliest payment method used in vending machines!

The advantage of cash payment is that it can cover the broadest customer base and the lowest customer demand. It is a better payment option for people who are too old to adapt to the latest payment methods.

However, the disadvantage of this payment method is inflexibility.

The machine can only withdraw coins.

For example, if a consumer spends a $20 bill on a $5 ice cream, the vending ice cream machine will return a 15p coin for $1.

However, no one is willing to so many COINS in his pocket!

In addition, because the bill acceptor manufacturer is different, also there is a gap for the recognition of the bill.

If money is dirty, the machine couldn't afford it, sometimes stuck because of wrinkling or too old, these problems will affect the buyer's purchase desire.

Machine owners also spend a lot of time solving problems.

Gradually, people have developed a new method of payment in the vending machine, which is to pay by bank card (bank card, credit card, various CARDS).

Soon, people accepted the new payment method, because people do not need to worry about change.

The consumer just swipes the card and the machine automatically sells the goods.

This payment method is more common in developed countries, because these countries use credit cards more frequently.

There are different kinds of card receivers with different  non, functions and contact type-contact type.

Very convenient, fast, and low failure rate.

In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, a new design of a vending machine can also accept the qr code and NFC payments.

QR code is an application that scans QR code with mobile phone and pays by credit card, while NFC payment method can only be paid by specific mobile phone.

Another novel way is to pay by sweeping your face.

This payment method is widely adopted in China, but it is not very popular at present. But we believe it will be widely applied in the near future.

People only need to register their accounts with their mobile phones to pay for Alipay. After choosing products, they choose face recognition for payment. Shake their faces in front of the camera, and the vending machine will collect money, and the products will come out.

On 2019, in Singapore's largest bus station, people saw several vending machines/yogurt ice cream machines produced by Hommy.

These machines accept most of the payment methods mentioned  above, very smart and are fully automatic.

If you have a chance to Singapore, try to buy ice cream.

They are wonderful.

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