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Zj190a Portable Industrial Sugarcane Frozen Juice Extract Machine

Zj190a Portable Industrial Sugarcane Frozen Juice Extract Machine

Zj190a Portable Industrial Sugarcane Frozen Juice Extract Machine

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Sugar Cane Juice Extractor Machine with cooler

Sugar Cane Juice Extractor Machine with cooler|PRODUCT FEATURES|Sugarcane Juice Machine With Cooler and freezer|PRODUCT ADVANTAGE


Frozen sugarcane juice extract machine is a professional machine used to extract the juice from sugarcane and provide customers with frozen sugarcane juice drinks.. It is an efficient and powerful machine that can quickly and easily extract the juice from sugarcane. The machine is made of high quality materials and is designed to last long. It is easy to operate and is very safe to use. The machine is also very affordable and is a great investment for anyone who wants to extract the juice from sugarcane.


Hommy’s plant is covering an area of 30500 square meters in Xinhui Jiangmen city, comprising flexible production lines, R&D laboratory, learning center and workshop equipped with cutting-edge equipment.




Sugarcane Juice Machine With Cooler and freezer


Safe, Hygienic, Cooler, Cup Dispenser, Promotion Features
Revolutionary sugarcane extracting process.
Innovative designed with cooler and cup dispenser.
Outside design attracts customer and helps you to do promotion.
Hygienic: all parts in contact with juice are of food grade. the waste is directed into the concealed modular dustbin.
Quiet: reduction of noise up to 90% compared to the traditional machine.

Made in 100% stainless steel.
Easily take out the roller to clean every time.
Sugarcane crushed in a single pass ends with up to 85% extraction yield.

Gearshift Motor
Motor speed is variable according to the diameter of the sugarcane stalk. The bigger the diameter, the lower the speed for maximum extraction yield.
1/2HP, 400watt, Single phase.
The roller is able to move forward and backward.

Sugarcane Entrance
Accommodates sugarcane stalk diameter up to 2-1/4".
Chiller System
Crushed juice is fine filtered and quickly chilled.
It can keep the juice cooling from3℃ to 9℃  .
Cleaning Tap
Provides convenience for daily cleaning of the cooler and the connect tube.


Keep the temperature from 3℃to 9℃.
Keep sugar can about 150pcs .



Besides, top qualified engineers, skillful technologists and knowledgeable personal contribute a lot to the company development.
Easy to clear 
the machine body use stainless steel to made it and water-tap for you to each the machine easy to operation . 


The roof  of more than 2.5 meters is also equipped with lights, which can attract more customers.

product-ZJ190A sugarcane machine-Hommy-img


the machine inside have 3 layers of filter and
this filter is easy to clear it every day.
            product-sugarcane machine sugar cane juicer extractor-Hommy-imgproduct-Hommy-sugarcane machine sugar cane juicer extractor-img
Strong Motor 

Motor speed is variable according to the diameter of the sugarcane stalk .The bigger of the diameter ,The lower of speed for maximum extraction yield.

product-Hommy-ZJ190A sugarcane machine-img

Extraction juice rate higher

the machine choose strong motor and the reasonable structure and good sealing performance, only one press can reach 85% of juice yield, no need for labor



Strong squeezing shaft and 100% stainless steel and easy to remove clear that not  easy to produce bacteria


the machine inside have freezer to keep sugar cane  fresh that keep the temperature from
3to 9℃ adjut for you .the freezer inside can keep about 100-150pcs sugar cane . 

product-ZJ190A sugarcane machine-Hommy-img-1


There is a large capacity dustbin inside the machine.

product-sugarcane machine sugar cane juicer extractor-Hommy-img-1


Document:product-Hommy-sugarcane machine sugar cane juicer extractor-img-116028282795350.pdf

How fast does sugarcane grow?

Sugarcane is grown in a wide variety of climates. In tropical climates, sugarcane is grown on a large scale for sugar. In temperate climates, sugarcane is grown for starch and oil.

Sugarcane is a grass, and grows from seed to the production of sugar. Sugarcane grows best in tropical climates with a temperature range of 22-34 degrees Celsius (71-92 degrees Fahrenheit). The ideal humidity is between 60-80 percent.

Which soil is best for sugarcane?

Sugar cane is a highly competitive crop that is sensitive to soil conditions. Sugar cane needs a moist, well-drained, acidic soil for best production. It does not like a dense clay soil, nor does it like a wet, heavy clay soil. Sugarcane also does not like an alkaline soil.

Can diabetics eat bananas?

This is a question I’ve been asked many times by people with diabetes. The short answer is yes, a diabetic can eat bananas.

Bananas are a great food choice for a diabetic because they are very high in potassium and fiber, and they also contain vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B6.

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