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Yogurt and sweet milk ice cream machine


Yogurt ice cream machine cool down fastly, over-run is slightly better and taste good. Yoghurt ice cream machine is very popular in United States, customers line up to buy it every day, and chain stores open one after another, but in China, it's just the beginning, and the next few years will definitely be a trend of rapid development. With people's living standards getting higher and higher, everyone's awareness of health is becoming stronger and stronger.

Eating yogurt ice cream is a kind of health care, which is rich in active bacteria, low-fat, low sugar or no fat no sugar, improve digestive function and enhance immunity.


Take yogurt ice cream powder as raw materials to made yogurt ice cream by the machine, customers are mainly filled the yogurt ice cream in cups or ice cream cones, and choose different flavors by operating the machine, also add chocolate beans, fruits, etc.


Different from ordinary ice cream, it is popular among young people in the United States because of its low fat, low calorie and independent consumption mode. It has gradually become popular in South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and other countries. In recent years, self-service yogurt ice cream has become popular in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and other places. So is the same with soft-serve ice cream machine.


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