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by:Hommy     2020-04-07
The 'Wuliangye Jinqiao Ice Cream' launched by an Internet red milk tea shop in Nanjing called 'Glass Whale' is becoming popular on social platforms such as Douyin, Xiaohongshu and Weibo. Regarding whether the “Wuliangye Internet Red Ice Cream” suddenly became popular or not, Wuliangye responded to the reporter saying that it was the merchant ’s own behavior and the company had not accepted the communication from the merchant. Wuliangye should not manage it for the time being. . According to the introduction of the glass whale, this ice cream uses dark chocolate as the main ingredient, added 2-3 grams of Wuliangye liquor, and the surface is sprinkled with edible gold powder. The price is 18 yuan (RMB, the same below). Its alcohol content is not high, so although you will smell the wine when you taste it, you will not get drunk. In the breath alcohol test, the value is 0. In addition to Wuliangye Jinqiao ice cream, this tea shop is also selling Wuliangye Shufulei. Wuliangye Ice Cream and Wuliangye Shufulei (Image source: Liuli WeChat public account) Of course, this is not a product launched by the Wuliangye Group, but a new product for the 'glazed whale'. The store has also successfully become a 'check-in resort' with this signature product. Among them, 'Beijing Business Daily' found that consumers who have 'punched' this Internet red ice cream have said that the taste is amazing, and they will have a slight feeling after eating. It is understood that the glass whale started in Nanjing in early 2018 and currently has more than 30 branches. The brand's main beverages are peach gum series of milk tea and brown sugar milk tea. Among them, the two drinks, 'Whale Under the Whale' and 'Brown Sugar Glazed Tea', are more famous. Desserts include Shu Fulei and ice cream. The glass whale claims that the products in the store are made of natural ingredients and handmade, and the ice cream uses chocolate and milk without any additives. In addition, some media learned. The merchant will also place a bottle of Wuliangye liquor at the store's checkout counter. At the same time, the bottle also has the words 'Not for sale'. In addition, the ice cream has been involved in plagiarism with hi tea. In October last year, Xicha launched a new series of drunk ice creams with the flavors of Yanhong Wuliangye and Jinfeng Black Rum. Liuli Whale accused Xicha of plagiarizing Wuliangye ice cream and said that this product was the first to be released by Liuli. However, Xicha said that this is his original and there is no plagiarism. For a while, opinions diverged, and Wuliangye Ice Cream fell into Luo Shengmen. Eventually, the Hi Tea drunk ice cream series was discontinued. Regarding whether the product is a product of Wuliangye Group or a product series of cooperation between the two parties, Wuliangye Group responded to the Beijing Business Daily saying that this was the behavior of the merchant and the company had not accepted the communication from the merchant. Wuliangye should not temporarily It will be managed. 'Beijing Commercial Daily' quoted the opinions of lawyers, arguing that the addition of Wuliangye to food by the merchant itself was not infringing, and the product formula could be determined by the merchant on the premise of not violating the Food Sanitation and Safety Law. However, the business uses Wuliangye to name its own products, which belongs to the 'near famous brand' behavior and is suspected of infringement. But not everyone agrees with this view. Some consumers said, 'Is buying your product, processing it and selling it, is it called infringement? The restaurant bought pork and processed it. Ask Cola Chicken Wings, will the chickens sue me for infringement? ' Wuliangye ice cream is a signature product produced by the glazed whale at the net red tea shop. The overall product positioning of the glass whale is a boutique new trend tea drink. The target group is mainly young consumers after '90, 00', mainly white-collar workers, students, and women. Baidu 'glazed whale', at least three glazed whales will be found. Each family claims to be the real Wuliangye ice cream, and Wuliangye has authorized it. The reporter added Mr. Liuli Ding WeChat as an intentional franchisee in Beijing. The joining materials issued by Mr. Ding show that in the core cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc., the agency fee for a single district is 300,000 yuan, and the annual operating service fee is 10,000 yuan. Currently there are 1 agent and 2 single stores in Xicheng District, Beijing. There are more in Haidian District, with 1 agent and 5 single stores. Regarding the issue of infringing Wuliangye because of media reports and worrying about the impact of opening a store in the future, Mr. Ding said what kind of authorization is needed to buy a bottle of Wuliangye liquor? The glass whale brand cooperated with Wuliangye Group. The shops are all open, Yibin, Sichuan. Immediately, he sent a reporter a press release on opening a store in Sichuan Yibin. In other words, Mr. Ding's logic seems to be that we all dare to open a shop in Wuliangye's hometown. What infringement are we worried about? But Minister Wu Chen of Wuliangye Brand Management Affairs Department told reporters: 'I don't know about this, it's not corporate behavior.' The battle with hi tea This ice cream from the glass whale has also had disputes over plagiarism with Wuliangye ice cream with Xicha. In October 2018, Xicha launched two new wine flavor ice creams, one of which is called Yanhong Ice Cream. Once launched, many consumers are in doubt. Which Wuliangye ice cream is authentic? It is worth mentioning that the glass whale also accused Xicha of plagiarizing Wuliangye ice cream, and said that this product was the first to be released by the glass whale. However, Xicha said that this is his original and there is no plagiarism. Chinese food industry analyst Zhu Danpeng said that when the entire new generation of consumer groups has become a mainstream consumer group, how to attract their attention, how to form the hottest topic of maximization, and how to form an online celebrity explosive product are every enterprise Follow the things every internet celebrity needs to consider. For Wuliangye, it also played a certain 'net red effect'. Combining liquor with youthfulness is actually conducive to getting closer to young consumer groups in the future and promoting brand rejuvenation. Punch thigh hot spot In fact, there are definitely not one or two hot dogs and hot spots. In the previous paragraph, the infringement case that was relatively hot was the US white rabbit ice cream. In early 2019, an American ice cream chain frankly stated on social media that 'big white rabbit toffee' ice cream was selling crazy. In its promotional poster, you can see that white ice cream is packed in an egg cone made of Shanghai White Rabbit Toffee Wrapping Paper. Subsequently, media reports said that this ice cream was not authorized by Shanghai Guanshengyuan, the owner of the Shanghai White Rabbit Toffee. On March 4th, Guanshengyuan responded to the reporter in response to the matter, claiming that Guanshengyuan had not authorized 'big white rabbit ice cream' products. On whether this matter will be investigated in detail, the relevant work is still under discussion. Beijing Youth Daily reported on March 6 that after the matter was fermented, the US ice cream chain involved had actively contacted the trademark owner. Time Finance calls the office of Shanghai Guanshengyuan Group to inquire about the progress of the White Rabbit ice cream authorization. As of press time, there is no relevant response. Zhu Danpeng mentioned 'Guizhou · Guojiuxiang' is a new Chinese cigarette category launched by Guizhou Tobacco in 2012. It selects the finest tobacco leaves unique to Moutai base, naturally melts under the unique microbial environment of Moutai Town, and cleverly uses Chinese wine to make aroma substances. On the packaging, Guiyan (Chinese Wine Fragrance 50) cigarette case draws on the outer packaging color and decoration style of Maotai 50 years old. Guiyan (Guojiuxiang 30) is priced at 1,000 yuan per bar, while Guiyan (Guojiao 50) is priced at 3,000 yuan per bar. Although the name of Maotai is not mentioned directly, it can be regarded as a kind of business method of '蹭 名牌'. Wuliangye has not yet issued any rights activist voices through any channels, and the glazed whale Wuliangye ice cream is still on sale. Compared to the 2018 battle between Hi Tea and Liuliwu Wuliangye Ice Cream, Wuliangye, as a third party, never seemed to rush to manage its own trademark. Is it too profitable to make wine, don't care about the money made by ice cream? According to the 2018 financial report, Wuliangye achieved a net profit of 13.38 billion yuan in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 38.36%. Lawyer commentary Then, the ice cream was put on the 'Wuliangye' and became a net red explosion. Is this behavior suspected of infringement? The reporter was informed that, in fact, the addition of Wuliangye to the food by the merchant is not infringing itself. Without violating the Food Sanitation and Safety Law, the formula of the product can be determined by the merchant himself. However, the business uses Wuliangye to name its own products, and the behavior of 'near the famous brand' may be suspected of infringement. Wang Min, a law firm in Shanghai, told reporters that the act was suspected of infringement. The reporter learned that Wuliangye Group Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and operation of Wuliangye and a series of wines. The modern manufacturing, modern industrial packaging, photovoltaic glass, modern logistics, rubber products, modern pharmaceuticals and other industries have diversified development. In 1991, the trademark was also named the 'Top Ten Well-known Trademarks' in China. 'Well-known trademarks are a legal concept in order to provide enterprises with a means of safeguarding their rights. In the event of an infringement dispute, ruling on whether a well-known trademark is a consideration will be taken into consideration. From the current phenomenon, the merchant's behavior is suspected of infringement Suspects, 'said the lawyer. Original link: https://www.xianjichina.com/special/detail_395764.html Source: Xianji Network Copyright belongs to the author. For commercial reprints, please contact the author for authorization. For non-commercial reprints, please indicate the source.
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