Why is there ballast in ice cream?

by:Hommy     2020-05-26
?? As the temperature rises, the sales of ice cream machines are getting hotter. Most customers who purchase a commercial ice cream machine for the first time have such a question: how can the ice cream machine be bought back, how can the machine be used smoothly, and the ice cream made has a good taste, a large number, and no failure? Immediately answer the question raised by a customer now: Why does the ice cream made have ice residue? The main reasons are as follows: Excess water addition. The ice cream slurry is not evenly stirred. Insufficient rest time. The ice cream slurry after stirring must be left to stand for 15-30 minutes, and then stirred for 2 minutes after standing to make the ice cream slurry more delicate and the puffing effect is better. After cleaning the machine, the water in the cylinder has not been drained clean. The quality of the machine or raw materials used is not good, resulting in a low puffing rate of ice cream and a lot of ice residue.
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