Why does the ice maker not make ice and how to choose the brand of ice maker?

by:Hommy     2019-12-30
As the standard equipment for water Bar shops and catering kitchens, the stability and reliability of the machine quality are of vital importance to the operators. Buying a good equipment will be the store's effective assistant, saving time and effort, business is guaranteed. I bought a relatively workshop-type factory production equipment, the machine consistency and stability are poor, and the after-sales service is not effectively guaranteed. The store has no better traffic and business. The following is a small series of small-scale water Bar shops and restaurants ice machines are most likely to appear non-ice problems with the majority of operators to share: 1, the heart of the ice machine part of the compressor is not well selected: the low-cost and low-quality ice maker uses a three-line brand aluminum wire compressor for matching. The compressor itself has poor starting performance, narrow voltage application range and narrow operating weather conditions. In remote areas or during peak power consumption in summer, if the voltage is lower than 200 V, the compressor will not work and the ice maker cannot make ice normally. In summer, when the weather temperature exceeds 40 degrees, the compressor will not work due to heavy operating load. 2. No ice is made due to the electronic control failure of the ice maker: the ice maker is used in the Water Bar shop or the back kitchen operation area. The erosion of water, oil and flue gas and the electromagnetic interference of high-power processing equipment are the direct killers of the electric control board, the electric control board is used in this kind of working environment for a long time. Moisture and oil fume will cause the short circuit of the local circuit on the electric control board to fail and the components to burn out; The electromagnetic wave emitted by the high-power cooking machine and the electric equipment will also interfere with the operation of the components in the electronic control, making it work abnormally, causing the shutdown failure not to make ice. At present, low-grade ice makers in the industry are commonly used as low-cost single panels and accessories, which are not treated with moisture and dust, but are directly installed in the machine, and the electric control board is equipped with a flame retardant dust cover box. In order to ensure the use of double-panel moisture-proof treatment boards and electric control boards under such conditions, a better ice maker is equipped with a flame-retardant dust cover to prevent dust and oil erosion. All electrical components leave the factory after strict anti-interference and electromagnetic wave tests. 3. The motor power of the ice maker is small, and the water inlet system pipeline has no self-cleaning function. After 3 months of use in the calcified water quality area, the pump water Motor will burn out without water inlet, and the pipeline will be blocked without water inlet. Small water pump, small water intake, small water inlet diameter, with the extension of use time, water inlet scaling and long-term uninterrupted full-load pumping operation, small water pump will be overloaded due to insufficient pump force, the burning of the pump motor causes the machine to be unable to make ice; Commercial refrigeration equipment such as ice machines are equipped with self-cleaning function or manual cleaning to regularly clean pipes and ice mold scale. 4, refrigeration system internal cleaning and welding
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