Which sugarcane juicer is better

by:Hommy     2020-05-14
At present, there are many types of sugar cane juicers on the market, such as vertical sugar cane juicers, desktop sugar cane juicers, and battery sugar cane juicers. Although they all use the principle of compression to peel and squeeze juice, the effect is different. Let's take a look at their characteristics, and then determine which sugarcane juicer is good. Vertical sugar cane juicer It uses a voltage of 220V, a motor power of 750W, an output of 300kg / h, a roller speed of 26 revolutions per minute, a belt model of A700, an external dimension of 46X39X90.5 cm, a weight of 65kg, a normal operating speed, and a juice output rate that is moderate. If you think that the vertical sugar cane juicer is more beautiful, economical and practical to put in your home, you can consider buying this one. Desktop sugar cane juicer It uses voltage 220V, motor power 750W, output 300kg / h, pressure roller speed 20 revolutions per minute, belt model A850, overall dimensions 46x39x63.5cm, weight 57kg. Compared with the vertical sugar cane juicer, it is lighter in weight but slower in operation. Battery Sugar Cane Juicer It uses a voltage of 24V, a motor power of 250W, an output of 300kg / h, a pressure roller speed of 15 revolutions per minute, a belt model of A851050, an external dimension of 45x38x54cmcm, and a weight of 56kg. Compared with the former two sugarcane juicers, it requires lower voltage, lower power, and similar output. Therefore, the battery sugarcane juicer is more economical and practical, you can consider buying it.
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