Which DQ ice cream is delicious?

by:Hommy     2020-08-22

DQ is the Queen of Ice and Snow. This brand of ice cream has always been comparable to Haagen-Dazs and has branches in various places. So, which DQ ice cream is delicious? Which country is DQ ice cream from?

Which country is DQ ice cream from?
DQ is the acronym for Dairy Queen, which means 'Queen of Ice and Snow'. Its originator is American McCullough. In 1938, American McCullough tried to make new ice cream products. Because the founder, Mr. McCullough, likes to call the cow 'the queen of the dairy industry', the ice cream shop got its name. This is today's Dairy Queen (dairy queen).

DQ ice cream types
DQ's ice cream products are extremely rich, with 28 varieties in 5 categories, among which 'Blizzard' and 'Crispy Cake' are very distinctive. Blizzard is the largest series of DQ ice cream products, including strawberry, cherry, chocolate crisp, pineapple, walnut crisp, Oreo, m&m's bean, sesame cashew and 8 different flavors. Its texture and special type are the main characteristics of the series: it is a dessert, not a drink, and can only be eaten with a spoon instead of a straw.

DQ's ice cream products are extremely rich, and among them are the 'Blizzard Series' and the 'Fashion Show Series'. 'Blizzard' is the largest and most representative product series in DQ ice cream. upside down), including more than a dozen different flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, green tea, Oreo, m&m chocolate, cashew nut, walnut, etc. You can also add other additives according to your favorite to make your own , Different from different 'blizzard' tastes.

Which dq ice cream is delicious
1. Blizzard series

The Blizzard series is a star product of dq ice cream. It made its debut in 1985. It shocked the market with the sales volume of 175,000,000 cups and became famous in the first battle.

The Blizzard series mainly mixes ice cream nuts, cookies or fresh water. Consumers can add them according to their own preferences. It is a series with individuality. It is reported that the blizzard is fragrant and mellow, and it can also 'pour a cup without spilling', which is very magical!

2. Fantasy Snow Series

Dream Snow series products are mainly made by adding mellow DQ ice cream to coffee and crushed ice, and then embellishment with plant cream and delicious sauce. The taste is very unique!

3. Fashion show series

Which dq ice cream is delicious? Fashion Show and Blizzard series are both the star products of dq ice cream. Unlike Blizzard, which targets all groups, the fashion show, which is rich in vitamins and fiber, is relatively more popular among female consumers.

4. Waffle series

The waffle series has two categories: waffle cones and waffle cones. Among them, the waffle takes the crispy and delicious waffle as the bowl, which is filled with delicious DQ ice cream, plus various ingredients, combined into a feast with beautiful colors and rich taste, which many consumers love!

5. Cool ice series

Kubingshi series ice cream is made of natural and healthy fruits and vegetables, nuts, milk and other main ingredients, and then mixed with nutritious and pollution-free ice cream powder. It has no preservatives, no expanding agent, no emulsifier, natural and pure, it is the original ecological ice cream. According to the editor's understanding, the Cool Bingshi series mainly includes 6 models: Cool Fire, Cool New, Cool Cool, Cool Qi, Cool Special, and Traditional Classics. You can try them one by one.                                

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