Where can I learn about the popular fried ice

by:Hommy     2020-05-19
???????? Walking through the bustling city night market in summer, a variety of gourmet snacks are dazzling and colorful. Among them, the most striking is that the cold food fried yogurt that makes people both eat and eat, and dispels hot summer fried yogurt uses special fried ice cream, that is, a quick freezing pan . This special fried ice cream can lower the temperature to -15 ℃ within half a minute. --- -30 ℃. Fried ice cream is a multi-function fried yogurt machine, it can not only produce a variety of flavors of ice cream and fruit fried ice, but also can make fried ice cream, smoothies, ice mud, juice, ice porridge and so on. The machine adopts a double-pot design; it can fry different flavors of fry ice at the same time, enriching the fry ice style. Fried ice cream is fried ice cream according to the principle of rapid ice making. The ice cream is separated from the surface of the ice machine by a shovel and put into a bowl or cup for consumption by consumers. Because the shovel is used in the production process, the production action is more like cooking, so it is called fried ice cream.
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