When will the sweet and juicy sugarcane mature?

by:Hommy     2020-05-15
1. When does sugarcane mature? Sugarcane maturity is generally around October, and the maturity period is relatively long. It can be eaten in April of the following year. There is a saying in the folks that 'the autumn sugar cane races over the ginseng.' Why do you say this? Sugar cane is actually sown in spring. Generally, when it matures in autumn, it tastes sweeter and more delicious in winter. However, now that the cultivation techniques have improved, it is no longer necessary to wait until the season to eat, and any food is the same, as is sugar cane. Many growers have started greenhouse cultivation, the temperature and humidity are controllable, and naturally you can eat sweet sugar cane all year round. However, everyone should pay attention to that, in pursuit of health, it is generally better to eat vegetables and fruits of the season, and it will not violate the philosophy of nature. 2. What are the benefits of eating sugar cane? 1. Diuresis and spleen. Sugar cane is rich in fiber, which can help digestion, reduce dryness and heat, intestinal laxative, and naturally benefit the spleen and stomach. Eating sugar cane at the same time can play a role in relieving thirst and diuresis. So some friends who have poor urination, often feel thirsty, and have poor digestion can eat sugar cane in moderation. 2. Help improve blood sugar. Many people in life have symptoms of hypoglycemia, and in severe cases they may faint at any time. Sugar cane is an ingredient with sufficient sugar content. If you feel that you are hypoglycemic or tired or hungry, a sugar cane is a good choice, and the effect is immediate. 3. Hangover. Modern people have dinner and entertainment everywhere, and it is inevitable that the process of making a friend by drinking a glass of liquor is inevitable. However, long-term drinking is not good for the liver, and it is also prone to drunkenness. At this time, sugar cane can reflect its role, and eating a little sugar cane not only quenches thirst, but also hangs out. This is mainly because sugar cane is rich in water and sugar. 4. Remove bad breath and protect your throat. Eating sugar cane can play a role in soothing the throat and protecting the throat. Those with bad breath or inflamed mouth can also eat sugar cane in moderation. Sugar cane can also play a role in protecting teeth, reducing the occurrence of tooth decay. At the same time, chewing sugar cane can also exercise our masticatory muscles. 5. Can supplement iron and blood. Sugar cane is rich in iron and can be used to supplement iron and prevent iron deficiency anemia. 3. Can sugarcane get angry if eaten too much? It is often said in life that eating sugar cane is on fire and that you will never eat sugar cane again. In fact, eating sugar cane does not cause overheating, eating blisters on the mouth and blistering is a misunderstanding of sugar cane. Why do you say that? The reason for the blistering of the mouth is because the sugar cane rubs against the tongue when it is chewed. Sugar cane is rich in fiber, it is rougher to chew, and the tongue is softer. The friction between the two naturally destroys the mucosa. Another reason is that the saliva enzyme secreted by the tongue is a maltase, which will cause the tongue to foam when converted into maltose. It is said that eating sugar cane not only does not get angry but also has the effect of lowering the fire. As mentioned above, sugar cane has the effects of rejuvenating, clearing heat and detoxifying. Especially yellow-skinned sugar cane is cool and can clear lung heat.
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