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by:Hommy     2020-07-09
Freezer use what methods of removal of incrustation refrigerators condenser, the condenser furring significant influence in the thermal efficiency. Bring bad influence to refrigeration process, condenser scale can obviously decrease the refrigeration effect, influence the cooling process, cause the loss of quality. Below small make up teach you a few to remove scale: irrigation, there are two kinds of irrigation. The first is a back flushing, general is in the process of movement, or a short period of time when not used, can not disassemble the device, but on the device to preset reverse flow line, when the scale is not serious when using this method is more effective. The second method is the high-pressure spray on them method. For different condenser with different rotating spray head, can be a rigid, can also is round, pressure adjust freely from 10 mpa to 200 mpa. Using high pressure water remove dirt, no matter for pipe, tube and shell are applicable. Water cannons flush the condenser. Widely used. Chemical descaling, fouling in condenser tube side, mainly because of poor water quality scale forming and oil coking deposition and adhesion in two forms, descaling with chemical method, first of all deal with scaling substances assay analysis, make dry composition properties, you can decide what kind of solvent to clean. The general sulfate and silicate scale using alkaline cleaning ( Soda ash, caustic soda, trisodium phosphate, etc. ) , carbonate scale with pickling ( Hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid and hydrogen fluoride acid, etc. ) 。 For oil dirties coking available sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, laundry detergent, liquid detergent, sodium silicate and water according to certain proportion as cleaning fluid for cleaning. Adopt the chemical cleaning method, the scene need to piping, is to spend time. The above articles from Hommy freezer, cold storage, please login: refrigerators, https://www. hommy。 Com free order hotline: 400 - 6300 - 692
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